Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sharpened, Flattened Bones

It was once believed that Canadians were born with a vestigial cartilaginous ridge running along the bottom of their feet, a remnant of their ice skating forebears. (Not really, I kid.) A study by Federico Formenti of the University of Oxford suggests that the earliest ice skating happened in southern Finland about 4000 years ago. Why the first people strapped sharpened bones to glide across frozen water is a mystery. My personal theory is that someone noticed that the frozen river or lake was easier to cross rather than posthole through deep snow, and it evolved from that.

Gaigai got new skates for christmas, so yesterday we took the opportunity of the open skate at the Downers Grove Ice Arena (pretty grand name for a not very fancy warehouse). Tazer took off like a shot, found a friend, and played tag for a good half hour. Gaigai was more hesitant, staying near the boards. I haven't skated seriously in several years (when I played hockey for a season), but was pleasantly surprised that, overall, I felt relatively comfortable. As Gaigai said: "Papa, ice skating just doesn't seem natural. Well, maybe for penguins." Love my kids' imaginations!

Not a particularly intense workout, but it was officially my rest day, but it was enjoyable doing an activity I normally don't do, with my kids, on a day off from work.



  1. My kids love to ice skate..we don't do it nearly enough. I grew up on skates so it's always fun to see how quickly it comes back. Although my days of axels are long gone!

  2. I always enjoyed ice skating although I could never do much more than skate around the rink. Sounds like a fun time with the kids

  3. I've skated a couple times, very poorly. My youngest was hard enough to get up on rollerblades...I shudder to imagine the process with ice skates. Sounds like you guys had a great time, though!

  4. I was seriously sore in some odd places last year after going one afternoon with my kids. I should try to take them before they go back to school next week. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Next task - get Munchkin on skates:)

  6. You joke of course...but most Canadians are born with skates on, really!


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