Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hood To Coast: DVD Review

Before there was the Nuun Platoon, there was a relay race that has existed for quite some time.

The annual Hood To Coast Relay has run every year since 1982. The race started as an inauspicious event for a group of dedicated runners to stretch their legs and expand on the everyday running experience. Bob Foote, the race founder, had run track with the famous Men of Oregon at the University of Oregon. Marathons had lost their appeal, and to keep himself interested in the sport he loved, he decided to organize an unheard of adventure, running from Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood to the Oregon Coast. Each year 1,000 teams (12,000 runners) in 2,000 vans cover 197 grueling miles as a relay, putting themselves through an arduous physical journey that as an individual would be impossible. Some run to test their personal limits, some to overcome personal obstacles, and others leap in blindly looking for a way to shake up a complacent life. Or, if you're Dean Karnazes, you run it solo because you can.

I recently had the opportunity to watch the Hood To Coast DVD, nearly 2 hours of video following four teams: a 67-year-old heart attack survivor and her team return to conquer the race that nearly killed her, a family in mourning runs to honor the memory of their beloved, a group of film animators test the limits of their athleticism (or lack thereof), and a group of aging jocks show they still know how to have a good time. 3 of the 4 teams were appealing to me, while the heart-attack victim, was to me, sad to say, just irritating. Otherwise, a really fascinating movie.

While I really enjoyed the movie (it was an entertaining overview of how much goes into planning, executing, and participating in the relay race), it was the extras disk that really shone. I would almost suggest watching the extras first, as they add a huge dimension to the movie. Not that the movie itself does not stand alone, but the extras really flesh out the documentary. The only way to improve this movie would be to have a "Play All" option for the extras. Since I watched this on my trainer and treadmill, it was somewhat cumbersome to play each extra individually.

I guarantee that this movie will make you want to run a relay race.


(Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review on my blog. I did not pay for the item, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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  1. I am eyeing up the ragnar madison to chicago relay with a team of 6 in July. Should be an experience.

  2. I'd definitely like to see the extras disc.

  3. I am among the two people who have yet to see this. Now that I know it's on DVD, will have to get it! And watch the extras, something I would never do if you hadn't suggested it.

  4. I loved this movie! It made me want to run Ragnar. It's funny because I liked all 4 teams, but when I watched it a second time (I saw it in the theater and then again on DVD), I thought that the Dead Jocks were irritating. My husband thought that the family was irritating (he just kept saying "what a downer!!") So, interesting to see who likes which team.

  5. I saw it on 1-11-11 when it came out. I loved it. Now after reading this I want to see the extra stuff!!!

  6. I haven yet to watch the extras and I own the H2C set! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. you just gave me an idea of what to ask for Xmas!... thanks for the honest review.

    and have a great holiday too!!!


  8. The extras are pretty great :) My husband totally agrees with you about that lady. And he gets really worried that I am going to be like her. And when he says that to me, I usually throw something at him.

    I loved the movie and the racing experience :)


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