Tuesday, December 6, 2011

7 Weeks of Nightshade Deprivation and LoseIt!

About a month ago, I wrote about  an experiment wherein I stopped eating nightshades. Why? An article Laima mentioned over at Women's Endurance Gear posited that some of our problems (joint pain, some minor skin problems on my part, etc.) could be explained by an intolerance for nightshades. So we took the plunge and removed hot peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, and potatoes from our diet. 7 weeks in, I didn't notice much of a difference, and, if you knew me well, you would know that hot peppers and hot sauce are a mainstay of my meals - I love the heat! Laima thought there might be some minor improvements that she could see in my skin, but it wasn't enough for me -- I'm back on nightshades. However, knowing that they could possibly cause problems, I'm being more circumspect in my usage.

It's been my dream for some years now to control my weight through self-control. However, I seem to hover just over the Clydesdale mark for much of the time. I really feel it when I run and at other times, though usually it's not a big deal. Yesterday I started counting calories again (I track them using Lose It! which I has used successfully before). In one day of restricting calories, I already feel a difference. Studies have shown that the longest-lived cultures do not eat a specific diet, but rather eat very little compared to our modern portions. I'll be sad to see the extra calories go, especially the second (sometimes third and fourth) glasses of wine, but I remember how I felt 20 pounds lighter, and it will definitely be worth it.

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  1. I missed that about the nightshades!! And I so love them.

    Good luck with the weightloss!! It just isn't easy!! BUT the payoff is HUGE as you know.

  2. i'm with you on the counting calories. go back to basic's - you'll see results. good luck, youz!

  3. Yay - you had great success with Lose It last time you used it:)

  4. Though obviously there is a difference between, say, a bowl of oatmeal and a pop tart, I have a theory -

    Results from incremental shifts in diet are mostly psychosomatic - if you convince yourself not eating something will show some sort of improvement somewhere, than it probably will.

    Obviously you are a pessimist. So am I. Viva la chili sauce.

    There's no arguing calories though. And you picked the best time of the year to start counting, because there's no temptations around the holidays.

  5. I hate counting calories, but I know how you feel always trying to stay a little lighter. I'm doing ok right now but do fight the weight constantly. Good LUCK to ya. I have never heard of nightshades. I will have to look that on up.

  6. So interesting about the nightshades. Good luck with the intake--interesting time of the year to kick it off!

  7. Kicking out the nightshades... especially potatoes :( helped me with inflammation issues.

    Good luck with LoseIt!

  8. Interesting. I loooove potato chips and ketchup. Haha. I have vaguely heard this before though. Bummer that you didn't notice much difference though. How about in how you "felt"? Harder to measure, but just as valid.


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