Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Midwest Multisport Life Reader Of The Year?! (A Giveaway)

GU is bringing to market early next year…Roctane Ultra Endurance Drink!
Sounds great, right? Well…I’m bummed, because I can’t get it yet. AND there are only 29 sample tubs in existence!!!

It’s for you, readers. Specifically, it’s for my Reader of the Year.

Roctane Drink isn’t available to the general public yet, but in the company’s tradition of hands-on athlete development, they would like to extend exclusive product testing opportunity…to one lucky reader.

Light tasting, carbohydrate-dense Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Drink provides athletes easily available energy with the superior rehydration combination of sodium and potassium. Taurine, Caffeine, and the proven Roctane Amino Acid Blend provide extra energy, reduce muscle damage and maintain mental focus, while Beta-Alanine augments muscle buffering capacity and performance to help athletes meet their goals.

In short, Roctane Drink is essential for any athlete striving to sustain peak performance through their endurance pursuits.

To reward my most loyal fan, Outside PR will send a tub of the drink to them, as well as a complimentary GU Sample Pack, to test out.

Are you the
2011 Midwest Multisport Life
Reader Of The Year?!
  1. Be or become a follower.
  2. Agree to write a guest review to post here on Midwest Multisport Life.
How to enter:
  1. Tell me why you think you’re my Reader of the Year. (Mandatory - be creative if you're a new follower!)
  2. Tweet, share on Facebook, send me a bribe, link on your blog, they each count for an entry.
That’s it, no more, no less.

Entries accepted through Sunday, December 18th, 2011,11:23 PM, CST.

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  1. Unfortunately I cannot be reader of the year because I use a competing brand that I am very happy with. However, although the honor cannot be bestowed upon me, I shall keep reading!

  2. I'm a loyal follower, I'd be glad to guest post a review, and I think I should be follower of the year bc, despite you twice "being busy" when I was in the Chicago area, I'm still a regular reader. :)

  3. I had to be like number 50 or better on the follow list, wasn't I? And of course when everyone saw that IronBob was following, the flood of followers came running... right? Makes me follower of the year...

  4. Stalker and happy to guest post.

    Not sure about Reader of the Year - but definitely #1 Reader - no explanation needed:)

    I've RT, bribe is on the way and linking it on my blog...

  5. well that entry above isn't fair ;) i can't compete with laima!!

    i don't know about a guest post. how about a guest drawing? :) haha.

    does the roctane drink have sugar in it?

  6. Most contests have disclaimers against family members. Did I miss the small print? :).

    Bribe? Do you mean like not telling your wife about some dark secret? Or am I confusing that with extortion?

  7. I missed the small print - I withdraw my entry, but forever remain your #1 Reader:)

  8. Lindsay, it does have sugar -- complex: maltodextrin (glucose polymers); simple: crystalline fructose

  9. I don't know about "anything of the year." But I do follow, do read your posts because reading posts like yours helps me procrastinate on the dinner dishes and grading papers.

    I need to test out this Gu product and would write a review. I was wondering if it would give me super powers...not really super, but would it tame the tummy and allow me to go down a hill without peeing my padded shorts out of fear?

  10. I'd love to review this! Although I love Gu gels, I am still on the lookout for a electrolyte replacement product that doesn't give me indigestion mid-run.

  11. I'm a follower and I would love to review this product because I have never tried it. Thanks!

  12. Linked on my blog sidebar too!

  13. Hey Kovas! I'll apply for your Reader of the Year. My main qualifications are that 1) I can read 2)I follow your blog and 3) I also know how to write so I could complete the guest post review easy peasy! Thanks!

  14. Following (really, what reader of the year would not be...just sayin.) :)

    Would love to do a post and well, why should I be follower of the year? (insert creative funny answer here). Seriously kind of intimidated by Kate and One Hour IM there and am having writer's block! ha ha

  15. I would love to test this and provide a guest review, especially since I usually don't use electrolyte drinks and am starting a new training plan! I might not be your reader of the year, but I might be your laziest, non-commenting follower of the year!


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