Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter Layering for Cycling

Winter is here in the Midwest, with below freezing temps greeting us in the morning, though midday highs might reach nearly 60 degrees. Now is the time we layer up for cycling and running. Yesterday I posted about Brooks Running Winter Gear (you can also check out some ladies' apparel at Women's Endurance Gear), today I'm following up with some suggestions for cycling.

In colder temps, it's all about the layering:
  • 65-70 degrees: START WITH baselayer, short-sleeve jersey, shorts, short-finger gloves, socks
  • 60-65 degrees: ADD arm warmers, full-finger gloves
  • 55-60 degrees: SWAP IN knickers or knee warmers; thicker socks
  • 50-55 degrees: SWAP in leg warmers; ADD a vest
  • 45-50 degrees: SWAP IN thicker gloves, long-sleeve jersey; ADD toe covers, sock layer, ear covers
  • 40-45 degrees: SWAP IN tights, long sleeve base layer, thin hat
  • 35-40 degrees: SWAP IN shoe covers or winter shoes, thick hat or balaclava
  • 30-35 degrees: SWAP IN heavier tights, lobster gloves or mittens
  • 25-30 degrees: ADD second long-sleeve jersey, midlayer sock
  • 25 and below: ADD baselayer short and/or knee warmers under tights
I would add to consider adding apparel made of a wind-blocking material, as well as moisture repelling gear for the inevitable wetness during cold-weather riding.

Check out some other cold weather cycling tips at Cook Train Eat Race!

Bicycling Magazine December 2011

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  1. I need to bookmark this. I've been realizing that I've forgotten everything I learned last winter about dressing for the cold.

  2. Good to know! Not that I've biked much, but this is helpful for if I do brave the chilly air.

  3. I need a baclava and foot covers. Good link at the end.


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