Friday, November 4, 2011

Become a Guest Blogger and Get Free Gear!

I occasionally have guest bloggers here on Midwest Multisport Life, but I offer them nothing beyond access to my readership. But now you have the chance to go way beyond my meager offerings. Constantin over at the Highball Blog is seeking your help to get guest blogger product reviews for his site. Interested? Head over to How To Get Free Outdoor Gear From Sponsors for more information. Think this is not a big deal? Highball Blog got over 56,000 pageviews in one month - that's quite a bit of exposure for your blog!

Have a great weekend all!!!

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  1. Great idea - I just need to think of something to ask for:)

  2. Thanks for the plug, Kovas!

    I really hope this will be fruitful for new bloggers or non-bloggers.

    The problem with "pro-blogging" is that only a handful of people benefit commercially.

    Maybe this experiment will change the economics of free gear. :-)


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