Monday, October 17, 2011

Ultra Triathlon

I'm pretty much in complete awe of anybody who can lace it up and complete a long course triathlon (not taking anything away from shorter distances). How do then explain the sudden emergence (sudden for me at least) of ultra triathlons. There are folks out there that compete in double, triple, even deca Ironman events. Deca? That's 10 times as long as the official long course triathlon - 1,406 miles!!! Turns out there is a USA Ultra Triathlon organization (loosely defined), which falls under the International Ultra Triathlon Association, which is "the official governing body of Ultra Triathlon, which is devoted to creating interest in the sport; developing the sport through increased athlete participation; and promoting sanctioned venues worldwide. The goal of the IUTA is to take the Ultra Triathlon sport to greater heights." Pretty amazing that not only are there people out there who do this, but it's organized as well.

Ever met someone who's completed an ultra triathlon?


  1. i have... and he is now filled with arthritis and walks with a cane. sorry to be such a drag, but that's the only person i know of personally. (and i'm sure he'd do it all over again.)

  2. Cool. There is someting for Jason @ CTER to do in 2013.

  3. I only know of one guy and he had a hip replacement and can't run anymore.

  4. Yeah, kind of stretching it a bit. But we have a local girl (she's about 30) who qualified for Kona last year and then this yr. is doing a double IM. She's young, no kids, etc., so now's the time.

  5. A guy I'm friends with on Daily Mile apparently did a double. I'm still standing in awe of the thought of just a full iron distance triathlon.

  6. A friend on my Trakkers Team is doing a Double this spring. Looks pretty darn cool.

    Chance are I will do one eventually. Already planning on a 50mi and 100mi ultra. This just seems like the next step to the craziness.

  7. I have absolutely zero interest in that. I don't know anyone who has done it, but I figure that within the next few years I will know someone who did. Just can't imagine doing that!!!


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