Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rock And Roll Runners

(from fitsugar)

So would you be more likely to attend an event because a celebrity was involved? Who is someone you'd like to run with - maybe Lance Armstrong? What about a triathlon - Teri Hatcher? I'd probably attend a cycling event to ride with Robin Williams.

In a similar vein, I wrote about Rock and Roll Wine over at the 50 States Of Wine.


  1. I would not be more apt to run a race because a celebrity is running. In fact, celebrities tend to hit the bigger races, which I usually avoid. This works out well because the last thing I need is a celebrity stalking me...

  2. I will not tell a lie - you put Viggo Mortensen in a race and I will be there in a heartbeat.

  3. It wouldn't sway me to do a race. The celebs usually do the big races anyways so my likelyhood of actually seeing them is so slim.

    I did beat Al Roker at the Chicago RnR Half - although I'm not sure if that is something to brag about...

  4. I have to say there aren't that many celebs who would get me out there just for the chance to see them. Maybe Lance...(still fantasizing that he has always been clean!)

  5. If I heard Kovas was doing a local race...

    I've raced a great triathlon in La Jolla called the San Diego Triathlon Challenge which is a fundraiser for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. I was able to race alongside Rick and Dick Hoyt, Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, Sarah Reinertsen, and Rudy Garcia-Tolson (Robin Willimas even did the bike portion). Racing with those celebrities was truly humbling and was one of my best triathlon experiences.

  6. i've run some marathons where there was a celebrity running.. but i've never seen them. except Al Roker. does he count? :]

  7. For a three-legged race with my partner being Dolvett...

  8. I get about 4 Facebook messages a year about the old days...does that put me on at least the z list? If so I'll post my race schedule.

  9. I would NOT be more likely to run a race for a celebrity siting with ONE exception...and most people would have no clue who he is, but he is a real runner, triathlete, and happens to be one of my most favorite authors: Haruki Murakami. He's like John Lennon - if John had been a novelist and lived in Japan.


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