Friday, October 7, 2011

Occupy Chicago???

Maybe you've heard about the protests on Wall Street, maybe it's slipped under your radar, maybe you don't care. We have our own little homegrown band of well-meaning protesters here in Chicago, "occupying" several corners in front of the Federal Reserve Bank. I personally don't get what the point is, though I understand the frustration about corporations not paying their fare share of taxes and corporate honchos earning too much and bailout money used for bonuses, all while employees are laid off or pensions cut or what have you. I guess my confusion arises from what they expect these "occupations" to accomplish. If they are shooting for systemic change, in my opinion there will be not one iota of difference after these groups finally disband. The corporations may beg for the bailouts and tax breaks and they may then receive them, but they don't have the power to actually effect either of those perks. That power lies in Washington DC. We have a system in place to make changes. Instead of squatting in the streets, take that same energy and vote in folks who aren't beholden to the corporations - make sure the judges who are elected or appointed aren't either. And maybe, just maybe, I'd feel for you on the street corner, if you weren't decked out in Patagonia gear and supporting Big Tobacco. Don't tell me you're one of the "99%" when you can afford either.

I'm usually not overtly political and I definitely support the citizens' right to protest as they see fit. I guess I just want there to be a point to it.

Recently saw this image, thought it was interesting:

Have a great weekend, all!


  1. Don't believe anything I say but look into it for yourself. Occupy wall street and end the FED are separate movements the media misrepresent and merge as one. People protest the FED because it is a private banking cartel owned by six banks, some in your picture. The FED counterfeits the same money you have to work for and steers elections and world politics the way they see fit. Politicians are mere spokes people. Laws are irrelevant, money creation is power. This video contains many of the ideas people of the End the FED movement subscribe to. You don't have to believe it but it is representative of many peoples views and has been viewed 10 million times.

  2. Forgot link.

  3. i completely agree. completely.

  4. A couple of things. I'm with you because I'm big on authenticity and always suspect the motives of protesters - it's all a bit too "look at me" for my own tastes and not nearly as effective as direct action. Besides, People who are walking by a protest are annoyed that it's now an extra 20 steps to Starbucks and as a result the message is totally lost.

    Which is too bad because there is a genuine point to be made. Make a list of the board members of those 6 banks, do some research and then draw your own conclusions.

  5. I agree, and there are plenty of people who would call me a liberal. This one is dead in the water in terms of impact.

  6. It is a complete waste of time, agree with everything you said. Go march on the WH.

  7. Voting for politicians who aren't beholden to big corporations - do any exist?! (Actually, I think that's what the Occupy movement is protesting, though their goals are unclear.)

  8. i, too, think the occupation is completely pointless. and i saw a photo over the weekend w/ captions along the same lines as your patagonia / big tobacco comment - haha.


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