Thursday, October 20, 2011

...and winter is here

Not really, but it has been blustery, cold, and rainy for several days. This morning on my run, I wore light gloves and ear covers for the first time. The low is supposed to hit the freezing mark today, even though it's only mid-October. Some forecasters are calling for another brutal winter here in the Midwest, seems like it's the same story  now year after year. When I lived in Chicago in the 80's and 90's, we'd have a hard winter followed by 3 or 4 mild ones. No longer the case.  Hoping the weather allows me to get the bike out a time or two more, but I've got the bike trainer (and the treadmill) set up and ready to go. No plans for training this winter, but I'm thinking of, yes, looking for some races next year. Probably of the adventure running variety, but who knows - Patrick suggested bowling outdoors, but I haven't found any events yet.

P.S. Happy Birthday Patrick!


  1. You can work on your snow-shoeing. Utah has a marathon where snow shoes are optional!

  2. I like the idea of adventure racing...
    - and Munchkin says "cool" about the outdoor bowling:).

    Happy Birthday Patrick!

  3. Yes, and it's sitting right over Michigan! :(

  4. outdoor bowling...that looks like a good way to get in a lot of troubles...Id stick to running..winter...I miss it. I know I am crazy but I do. It is still in the 90s here. I am done with it.


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