Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The October 2011 issue of Road Bike Action has a quick snippet on motorpacing. It looks realy cool, but also extremely frightening. Motorpacing is a training tool used by road and track cyclists in which a cyclist or cyclists ride in the draft of a motorcycle or scooter.

“Cyclists started to use tandem bicycles as pacers in the late 19th century. There could be as many as five riders on the pacing machine. Companies such as Dunlop sponsored pacing teams, and "tens of thousands” turned out to watch. A south London rider, J. W. Stocks, set an unbeaten British record of 32 miles 1 086 yards in an hour behind a Dunlop quintuplet on 27 September 1897. The pacing tandems were ridden by professionals, of whom as many as 100 were under contract. Each competitor had six to eight pacing teams for races between 50 and 100 miles. On 12 October 12 1950 Karl-Heinz Kramer set the world record for absolute speed behind a motorcycle with 154.506 km/h (96.006 mph) on the Grenzlandring. The record speed behind a railroad train is by the American, Charles Murphy. He rode at 60mph behind a train in New York state, USA, in 1899 and became known as Mile-a-Minute Murphy.” (from Wikipedia)

Benefits of Motorpacing
  • Motorpacing enables riders to train at race pace without having to ride with a group of people or within a peloton
  • Motorpacing simulates the physical and psychological effects of not being completely in control of pace (similar to a race)
  • Motorpacing is a great training tool to improve different aspects of sprinting; from race pace accelerations to final lead outs
  • Motorpacing over rolling terrain produces high power spikes followed by limited amounts of recovery (similar to power and heart rate demands riders would face during competition)
  • Motorpacing is a great way to learn to sustain high speed pace lines
Much of the information in this post was taken from Motorpacer.

Do you know of anyone who motorpaces? Ever tried it yourself?


  1. The only motor I've paced behind is Craig Atchison.

  2. This is crazy. I'd be too tempted to just hang out and get a free ride:)

  3. get nervous riding downhill. No motorpacing for me. :)

  4. no way i'd ever do this. i'm such a klutz, i'd hit something in the road then the moter dude would run over me. typical. *sigh*


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