Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Fluff

Choosing a Triathlon

Generally, we train in a certain manner that fits our style or is a reflection of our environment. This is all for naught if you register for an event that is clearly inappropriate for that training. Live in the flatlands of the Midwest? Then why register for a hilly tri? Hate crowds? Find a smaller race. FindTheBest is a cool website that has a triathlon comparison that allows you to compare your options and find what’s best for you. Check it out for that as well as other comparisons.

Sick of P90X?

Have a great weekend all!


  1. Maybe I'm weird, but that was friggin' hilarious!!! I'll be thinking of the one leg lunge all day! Awesome!

  2. Pretty cool website.

    No comment on the video...

  3. no tri's for this chick. i'm officially retired. but i'll happily cheer you on!


  4. Holy shit on the video... floppy leg and all. How incredibly uncouth and hilariously funny.


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