Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Food and Wine Blogs

I'm always looking for interesting food and wine blogs. Not that there aren't a plethora of well-written blogs out there, just not many that have really grabbed my attention. One of the problems with food and wine blogs I've found is that either: 1. the blogs are just too serious, 2. they are overwhelming visually, 3. the sites are sporadically published, or 4. the blogs aren't that interesting, regardless of the level of writing.

A few I enjoy: The Noshery (where I got the amazing recipe for the bacon in toast cups in photo above), HoseMaster of Wine, Notes From the Vegan Feast, Just Grapes, Lot 18, Post Punk Kitchen, Everything Is Better With Bacon, Chicago Bites, Smitten Kitchen,  and Punk Domestics, but there have to be more, many more.

Help me out here. What's your favorite food or wine blog?


  1. Good idea for a post, can't wait to try some new ideas from the blogs above. I enjoy cooking, but I don't have time to sit around and take pictures of my souffles and risotto, so food blogging is out for me.

  2. Um, what is this "wine" you speak of?

  3. I always enjoy The Domestic Goddess. She was one of the early entries in food blogging, but she also falls under the "sporadically publish" category too. I too like Smitten Kitchen as well.

  4. I find my favourite blogs for food via - links to some of the best food blogs out there!

  5. I don't read a ton of food blogs, but I like Iowa Girl Eats (creative, easy, non frou frou recipes) and Eat, Live, Run. I've cooked with success from quite a few of the recipes on these sites.

  6. you are now my official hero!
    i spend a ridiculous amount of time reading food blogs and i pretty much feel the same way. i'm looking forward to reading this blog, it looks amazing!

  7. Is that...a cup made out of bacon??

    Eat, Live, Run has some crazy good recipes. Plus, she's really cute. That always helps.

  8. Jamoosh - wine is a beverage like beer, only for adults.

    Thanks Anne, looks like she posts once a week, kind of a bummer.

    Runninglawyer - foodgawker is beautiful!

    Beth - thanks for the suggestions, kind of tame coming from you, though.

    Rose - the bottom is a piece of bread and the rim is bacon, super easy and amazingly good!


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