Thursday, July 14, 2011

You Ask, I Answer

It started with Colleen at IRONDIVA, then The Manly Runner took the idea and ran with it, tagging me with the "You Ask, I Answer Award." So, let's give it a try. Ask me anything. No holds barred. No subject too serious or frivolous. I can't guarantee that I will answer every question, but I guess we'll see. (Last 5 sentences lifted in toto from ChrisK's post - recycling, love it!) Ask away and sometime in the near future (probably when I need a filler post), I'll respond to all most some of the questions.

As mentioned, ChrisK liked this idea so much that he turned this into one of those Blogger Awards. It's called the "You Ask, I Answer Award". The Award is bestowed to five people who have to do this on their blog, then pass it on to five others. Everyone uses the same image as the others (my guess is that ChrisK's retirement is riding on this, so let's play along, shall we?). I choose:
  1. Amanda, at MissZippy, for her positive take on everything (and her unending ability to mock ChrisK).
  2. Mandy, that Caratunk Girl, because I've enjoyed her writing for a long time and she's tapering, so has plenty of time on her hands.
  3. Jeff, at Dangle the Carrot, because I think he was my first identified follower and he has a huge amount of knowledge (as you'd expect from a Texan).
  4. XLMIC, of Taking It On, because she has not busted my balls about never getting a Granny's Gadget video done (sorry) and is a really talented writer, maybe she'll even do a video response!
  5. Laima, at Women's Endurance Gear, because she is an amazing woman (for putting up with me), along with being being a Super Sexy Mama!
A happy, contented ChrisK


  1. Since you picked me I'll start with a complement: from where I stand you and Laima have put together a great family life. How did you meet and how long have you been married?

    Have you always been a gearhead?

    I was going to throw in some smart-ass question about Chris, but I'll refrain!

  2. Of course you need a Smart Ass Question about Chris:

    How can I be not like Chris and more like Kovas?

  3. Now that you have been doing the barefoot running thing for a little while is it something you think you will continue?

  4. Ha! The illustrious Q and A!
    When did you start running?

  5. What's the next sport/hobby/adventure you'd like to try?

    If you could be any professional athlete, who would it be (and you can't say ChrisK :) )?

  6. Someone just asked me a question here at work so I'm asking you the same. To lazy to think about my own question. Are you a gadget geek? I yes, what gadgets do you use for your sport?

  7. That's okay I didn't want to be tagged anyway.

    How did you get to be so cool? Did you take lessons from Chris K?

  8. That Jamoosh, he slays me.

    1) How did you meet Laima?
    2) When are you and the fam gonna come visit us in So Cal?
    3) What is one country you want to visit that you haven't?
    4) Who is your favorite actor/actress?
    5) Do you truly believe that if I switched to barefoot running my times would not go down?

    See, those were benign questions.

  9. apples or oranges?
    boxers or whitey tighties?
    steak or steak?


  10. Does it bother you if you run with a new person and they start out by apologizing that they are slow?

  11. Dibs on tagging Beth! I called it!

    Now I need to think up some good questions for Kovas…

    I'll start with: once you are all experienced w/ barefoot running, will you try skirted running? Please?

  12. OK. If you had a third arm, what part of your body would it be on? And what would you do with it?

  13. How many thermajocks do you own? How deep is the water? Why is the sky blue?


    Seriously - I have been following your BF running - how do you plan on continuing that through the winter? Does that leave you stuck on a TM? Or will you use a minimalist shoe and still run outside?

  14. My idea has gone viral, hasn't it? :)

    I love Mandy's question of how you plan to keep barefoot running in the winter.

    You've reviewed a ton of gear - what's your absolute favorite piece of equipment?

  15. If you could still pay the bills and not work, would you quit your job and stop working?

    What would be your dream job?

    Did you always want 4 kids? Do you want more?

    Do you speak languages other than english? Which one(s)?

    What is your favorite sport to participate in? To watch?

  16. how are you?

    how did you propose?

    who would like to meet other then Chris K?

    where are your parents from? are you the first American generation of your family?

    Lance or Dean? why?

    what makes you mad?

  17. How fun!!

    Since you have reviewed a lot of products, what are your top 3 running products??

  18. Do you actually enjoy reviewing all the products that you test on your site? Seems like you review a lot of things!

  19. Best Steakhouse in Chicago?

    If you had become a cop and I admitted to a very minor crime outside of your jurisdiction and probably way past the statute of limitations what would you do? I'm talking minor here - victimless crime, except maybe for the tax payers. Because if the answer is "you don't care" then I have a confession to make.

    You have 50 bucks. How are you getting from New York to San Francisco?

    Both me and Chris K are bitten by venomous snakes. How do you save Chris first and why?

  20. Mine is two part (and I'm asking it of everyone who is doing the Q&A).

    When you run, are you a greeter, ie, do you wave at an approaching runner or do you look away?

    If you are a greeter, does it bug you when the other person looks the other way and doesn't acknowledge you?


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