Friday, July 8, 2011

Rokit Fuel Review + Giveaway

Rokit Fuel is the Rocket Fuel for humans - Rokit Fuel cereal and energy mix are made from honest, virtuous, good-for-you foods that are both nutritious and delicious. Each product is packed with whole foods (from 9-19) including grains, nuts, seeds and fruit. They also include bee pollen, maca root and gotu kola (functional herbs) to add to the excellent fuel value of Rokit Fuel. Read the ingredients label for a pleasant surprise. You can identify every ingredient, pronounce it, and see it before you eat it.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to test out pretty much the full range of Rokit Fuel products. I'm always looking for nutritious healthy whole foods to add to my diet, so I was pretty excited to check this company out. The whole family got involved and we had fun trying out the cereal, energy bars, and energy mixes. The cereals and energy mixes can be mixed with water, milk, or eaten dry - we opted for plain soy milk, though I also tried the Cherry Almond cereal with almond milk, and it was amazing.

The cereals we tried were the Cherry Almond, Chocolate Dream, and Stud Muffin. Some of the descriptions: outstanding, sweet (too sweet), terrific, not too sweet, chocolaty, cocoa powdery, strong taste, sweeter than energy mix. Pretty much all positive and, due to the wide variety of flavors, none of them became boring and we all found at least one to have as our favorite.

The Original Energy Bar and the Peanut Better Bar were very similar to my taste, with the peanuts adding more of a crunch than flavor. Both were very good, perhaps on the sweet side, but I can't complain about a strong chocolate flavor.

The Energy Mixes were the most fun to try out, as each one had a markedly different taste, smell, and texture. Plus, the names are quite fun as well: Spicy Cookie, Holy Pinole!, Pumpkin Chocolate, and Stud Muffin. The verdict: spiced, nutty,awesome, strong ginger, strong cloves, very spiced, nutmeg and ginger, yummy!

Rokit Fuel is on to a good thing here and they are growing the line, so there are even more options coming. Besides being whole food products and incredibly tasty, the sheer variety ensures that you won't get bored eating any of these. As a caveat, pretty much every product contains nuts of some sort, so if you are allergic, steer clear. Otherwise, buy and enjoy!

Interested? Learn more on the Rokit Fuel website, befriend them on Facebook, and follow on Twitter.

Want to win Rokit Fuel? I have a sample of each energy mix: Spicy Cookie, Holy Pinole!, Pumpkin Chocolate, and Stud Muffin. Leave a comment below with how many entries you are entitled to:
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Giveaway will end on 07/17/2011, winner to be chosen via and announced Monday the 18th!

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Laima is giving away the same packet!

(Disclaimer: I was sent these products for free to review on my blog - courtesy of Rokit Fuel. I did not pay for the items, receive payment, or agree to give them a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company's website, the opinions are my own.)

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  1. Now truly. THIS is a product I want to try!! Awesome!!

    I follow you!! Man v horse?

  2. I tweeted from @LauraRMuise

  3. I can't wait to try this stuff! Gotta love supporting a local UT business :)
    Shared on my blog!

  4. Fun tasting with the kids:)

  5. Now we are talking... My book pops up next to Macca's book on your site. Just as I am starting to write my second book (by the way) taking some of your critiques into consideration.. this one's a triathlon novel with useful training information..

    I'm in for any free stuff...

  6. It looks like some of their things are gluten-free! Perhaps not certified as such, but for the casual GF consumer, some of these might work!

    I follow and would like to play :)

  7. linked on my blog on sidebar


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