Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What if we treated all athletes...

...like skateboarders?

Some funny Nike ads from YouTube, this one and the golf one are my favorites.

The metrosexual triathlete himself, Patrick of The Road, is asserting his maleness by hosting a giveaway for males (no Amanda, you don't count, envy notwithstanding). Head over there to revel in your manitude, brag about your strength, and share footwear choices. Fun for the whole family.

Some of you may not have noticed the giveaway banner at the top of the page, but Laima is giving away a Moving Comfort bra over at Women's Endurance Gear! If you're not a follower yet, you really should be.


  1. I love skateboarders and I love that Patrick is not afraid to show his softer side. Heading on over.

  2. I love Miss Zippy's comment. Ha!

  3. That was great!
    Now I have to go check out that bra giveaway...the girls need a new one desperately.

  4. Funny ad!

    For the record, my giveaway is open to all (oops - except foreigners-not my rule though) - anyone who needs a good support bra :)

  5. According to Lucas Tucker, I might need that bra.

  6. Love the Nike ad! :-)
    You guys have a beautiful community here. I dig that!

  7. nope, i missed that giveaway banner......its very inconspicuous, easy to miss

  8. That ad is hilarious! About the giveaways…i entered the one I was 'allowed' to enter… thanks, Laima, for being all equal-opportunity :)

  9. lol love them getting food thrown on them!

  10. What did you pay him? Mr P-funk? Mr. metrosexual triathlete?

  11. I tried heading over to Patrick's giveaway but there is a little sexual discrimination going on. And your wife's giveaway? I have no "girls" to support. Otherwise I'd be all over getting some support for them...the only support they need is a support group to help them feel less significant...poor little girls.

  12. I knew Patrick was a metrosexual.


    Love the ad.

  13. There should really be more posts with sports bras in them. That is all.


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