Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not Alone + Top 10

A few days ago, I received an email from an organization that is a partner charity for the July 4th Music City 10K/5K, Not Alone. I occasionally do some PR as a public service on this blog, if it's something I find interesting or it is something I can support. Not Alone is definitely something I can support.
While we don't have a history of belonging to the armed services in our family, and I personally abhor war, I try to be supportive of those that do serve our country. And, unfortunately, they often lack support when they return from service, though there are organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Not Alone, and others, who are working to alleviate some of the problems they face when they return from combat. Not Alone provides programs, resources and services to warriors and families impacted by combat stress and PTSD through a confidential and anonymous community.

If you'd like to support this organization by donating, you can visit their team fundraising site. You can also join the group on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Out of the blue, a reader named Christa sent me a Top Ten list she had created:
  1. Vibram 5fings 
  2. Assos Lady shorts
  3. Cobb v-flow max saddle
  4. Look Keo peddles 
  5. Profile drink system
  6. Asics Hyperspeeds
  7. 2XU compression tights
  8. Profile aerobars
  9. Tilly hat
  10. Nike drifit cap
Nice list and it got me thinking about products that I always go to, whether it's running or cycling, hiking or camping. Below, in no particular order, are 10 products that I turn to regularly for superior performance:
  1. Sidi Zephyr Carbon cycling shoes
  2. The North Face Base Camp Duffel
  3. CEP Compression Sleeves
  4. GoLite Wildwood Trail Longsleeve Run Top
  5. Patagonia Baggie's shorts
  6. Patagonia Nano Puff pullover
  7. Gargoyles Striker performance sunglasses
  8. ISM Adamo Typhoon bike saddle
  9. RoadID bracelet and race cap
  10. Garmin 305
What's in Your Top 10?


  1. My number one item is my cotton t-shirt – I hate tech shirts! Can’t wipe blood, tears, snot and mud with them properly and they don’t keep you cool because they dry out too fast.

  2. 1. Post run beer
    2. Kovas' Blog!
    3. Merrell Trail Glove Shoes
    4. Green Champion Tech Singlet
    5. Old pair of Nike running shorts (black)
    6. Newton Running Shoes
    7. Ice Pack (for after)
    8. Injinji socks
    9. Stone Arrogant Bastard Cycling Jersey
    10. Nike Compression Shorts

  3. 1. Nike black capris
    2. Newtons
    3. Zensah tights
    4. ice pants
    5. fuel belt (although I need a new one badly)
    6. Hammer gels
    7. Yurbuds
    8. Foam roller
    9. Honey stinger chews
    10. Balega socks

  4. Mine is a short list:

    Merrell Trail Gloves
    Vibram Five Fingers Trek
    Merino wool shirts
    Smart Wool socks

  5. j-moo is suck a kiss ass.

    1. kovas's blog
    2. champion bra
    3. US tights
    4. my sucky NT treadmill
    5. my thermojock
    6. injinji socks
    7. Saucony shoes
    8. protein shakes
    9. my run emz shirt [thanks p-funk]
    10. comments from kovas

  6. 1. Newtons
    2. Runners High Tech Tee
    3. Home made headbands
    4. iPod
    5. Sidi cycling shoes
    6. Assos Chamois Cream
    7. Camelback insulated bottles
    9. Swim paddles
    10. Garmin

  7. My list is easy peasy:
    bike shoes
    running shoes
    running hat
    goggles & swim cap
    body glide

    Except for nutrition...I don't even really care what the brand is on everything else...
    I mean...I would love the finest of all, but as long as I have my basics...I'm golden.

  8. 1. iPod
    2. Road ID bracelet
    3. Road ID hat (to sunscreen my bald head)
    4. cotton t-shirt, NIKE running shorts
    5. Brooks Beast shoes

    For running, the last item that I really want is the Garmin 305 watch that I have wanted for a long time, but maybe don't run enough miles to justify it.

  9. So is that the puffy jacket in the picture?? And I must go with Jamoosh on this one--number 2 would have to be on my list. ; )

    A few others:
    * Newtons
    * Merrell Pace Gloves
    * Capri running pants
    * My club singlet and long-sleeved shirt
    * My Trek Madone
    * GU
    * A running hat
    * Plain 'ole Timex IM watch
    * A speedo
    * Foam roller

  10. hmmmm....
    1 body glide
    2 injinji socks
    3 skirt
    4 champion bra
    5 garmin 305
    6 CEP socks
    7 ryders glasses
    8 road id
    9 brooks green silence
    10 H2O audio iPod case

  11. Hmmm.

    1. Moving Comfort bra
    2. my favorite running shorts
    3. iPod
    4. road/trail shoes
    5. Champion tank
    6. water bottle
    7. ponytail holder
    8. sunscreen

    I could do much better with a covet list. I don't have all that much gear, so it's not so much a must-use as a do-have that motivates me to use things. :)

  12. Let's see:
    1. Brooks ST4 shoes
    2. Nathan waistpack/handheld
    3. Sugoi shorts
    4. Garmin 305
    5. Zoot compression tights
    6. VFF Bikilas
    7. Nike Visor
    8. Smartwool PhD running socks
    9. Camelback podium bottles
    10. Yurbuds/I-pod

  13. 1- Red Running Shoes (doesn't matter my brand as I have plenty but they must be red)
    3- Caffeinated Coffee b4 workout
    4- Decaf after workout
    5- Visor
    6- 3am alarm clock going off
    7-Swimming with Greg Larsen
    8- TraininPeaks email
    9- Timex Ironman watch
    10- My wife's support

  14. 1. Coffee in bed before run
    2. Ipod
    3. Moving Comfort Bra
    4. Visor/sunglasses
    5. Ponytail holder
    6. Great socks + running shoes
    7. Brooks jacket if it's really early
    8. Icebreaker crew if it's really cold
    9. K's support (and watching, feeding, getting kids ready for school)
    10. Breakfast on the table when I get back :)

  15. :-)

    My top few (not ten) include:
    - my bike
    - my action sports video camera
    - waterproof jacket (Mammut)
    - Hydrapak, hydration bag
    - La Sportiva Miura climbing shoes

    But I'm not a triathlete like most of you here... :-)

  16. What a great cause!
    1. Camelback
    2. Crappy green watch
    3. Melanzana socks
    4. Broke and busted Saucony Exodus
    5. Chocolate milk - post run
    6. River ice bath
    7. Frog bra...too much info?
    I'm not very high tech...can you tell?


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