Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half, Half, Half, wayyyyyyyyyy dooooooone... yeah yeah...

So the year is half over and what do I have to show for it, training and blogwise?

Training? I'm not really training for anything, so it's been hit or miss for a while. I worked on adding some barefooting to my run workouts, got a new saddle (Adamo Typhoon) which increased my cycling pleasure immeasurably, and swam only in my in-laws' pool (cold) or Lake Michigan (colder). The results:
  • Running: 58 outings for a total of 302 miles over 46 hours
  • Cycling: 40 outings for a total of 325 miles over 22 hours
Gear? Not a bad half year at all. No controversial products like the Thermajock, but plenty of good stuff nonetheless. I'm thinking of starting a Gear of the Year Award maybe, might be a fun way to finish off the year. Right now the front-runner is the Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover, but who knows what is coming down the pike the rest of this year!
There were more, in the form of book and hydration reviews, and more usual blather about things that interest me.

Laima had a great start to her blog, Women's Endurance Gear - thanks to all of you who have followed her as well. She started running seriously again, has earned the nickname Super Sexy Mama (well-deserved), and is planning big things.

Apart from some ankle/heel issues in the Spring, I've had a good six months in 2011. More Midwest Multisport Life adventures to come the rest of the year. Thanks for tuning in, following, commenting, and I'll see you tomorrow, same channel, same place.


  1. you've had a busy 6 months

    ... if you don't stop by, have an awesome independence day weekend and a great 4th of July!

  2. Sounds like a great 6 months! Have a great holiday!

  3. I think the second 1/2 of your year could go seriously downhill if you don't bring back another ThermaJock like product!

  4. SSM= super sexy mama. Doesn't Rihana have a song named something like that?! ;)
    Patagonia stuff says pita.

    Happy half year to ya!

  5. Sounds like this blog business is your first business...gee, that's a lot of gear. And Laima...glad she started. And glad she's training seriously again...Super SExy Mama is a good thing...for both of you! :)

  6. Now that the Ice Age is over can we expect in increase in cycling miles?

  7. cool tally. Have any bonk bars left. I love those suckers !!!!!

  8. WOW!! What a busy 6 mos you have had! Also, I totally think another thermajock review would push the year over the top ;)

    Have an awesome holiday weekend

  9. You'll always be Super Sexy Daddy to me.

  10. I can't believe the year is already half way done...that's crazy to me!!

    Sounds like a good first half though...hopefully the second is even better!


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