Friday, June 10, 2011

A Day in the Life

(I discovered this post in my drafts folder, and decided to use it today, because what is a Friday without more personal tidbits about The Mighty Kovas? A pretty poor Friday, if you ask me. Nobody did, but there ya go.)

Sheep that I am, I will follow along and post a typical weekday in my life (on weekends, all bets are off). I first saw this when Beth wrote about A Day in the Life of Shut up and Run, but as with all bloggy things, who knows where it all started? Without further ado:

3:30-4:00 Wake up (depends on when my dog starts whining)

4:00-4:30 Walk dog

4:30-5:00/5:10 Short run or ride (Off Mondays, Run Tuesdays/Thursdays, bike Wednesdays/Fridays, long run Saturday, long ride Sunday)

5:00/5:10-6:20 Training log, shower, eat breakfast, drink two cups of coffee with plain soymilk (or chocolate if feeling saucy and my wife has bought some)

Downers Grove Train Station

6:35 On train to work

7:10 Walk into office, turn on computer, put lunch into fridge, get first cup of water (gotta stay hydrated!)

Hard at work

7:25 (No kidding) If computer has booted up past the multiple layers of security checks, log into email (work and Yahoo), and bring up Multisport Blogs, my blogroll - from now until 4:30, alternate work and blog reading (just kidding boss!)

8:00 First morning snack (usually fruit)

10:00 Second morning snack (usually nuts, if I remember them)

12:00 Eat lunch

2:00 Afternoon snack (usually fruit)

4:30 Head out the door to the train

Union Station

5:15 Home, usually starving, but first beset by 3 hugging dynamos and a frazzled (sometimes) wife - newborn pretends to ignore me, but I know he's excited because he starts crying

5:30 Open wine (or pour if already open) and sit down to eat

6:00 Read, hang out with family, watch TV, complete small projects (rarely), Thursdays is (theoretically) Family Game Night!

7:30 Get ready for next day: set up coffee, lay out workout clothing, choose work clothing (sometimes), brush, floss (on occasion), Listerine

8:00 (Usually) In bed, reading (7th) book to Munchkin, our 4 year old, who never wants to go to bed

I realize this seems very regimented, but I need the organizational structure to deal with what is usually a very chaotic life. With 4 kids, a dog, and a cat that likes only me (don't ask me why, I am relentlessly mean to her), plus playdates, soccer, school, and the myriad parenting things going on, it's nice to know something is planned. Does this typical day always happen, every Monday to Friday? Nope, but I do my best to make sure it happens as often as possible.


A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else. - Steve Prefontaine


  1. Great post. It's always fun to peek into the life of a fellow time-crunched father who fits in workouts.

  2. Haha - wake up lately 3-3:30 (if we're lucky) when A bomb starts to cry and wakes up the dog, who starts to whine...:)

    Love the pic of you hard at work!

  3. I don't get up as early but I hear ya...cram as much as you can in, and then start all over again.

  4. yes, I remember when I did day in the life. I need to do that again. I loved reading about your day. We get to know bloggers in the context of working out, training, etc. So cool to know what your day is comprised of outside of that. I now know maybe you are reading my blog some time b/t 7:25 and 4:30. And that you eat fruit. And that you look pretty cute with your feet up on your desk. And that you open wine to go with dinner (a huge SCORE in my book) and that you go to bed early. How in the hell do you get up at 3:30 though? I'm usually clubbing it until at least 3am.

  5. Wow you're up at an obscenely studly hour. Kudos.

  6. Nice one, you do look very organized indeed. I have a post like this somewhere in my drafts as well. I must really go finish and post it.

  7. I'm glad the dog gets as much training as you do.

    And I envy that you can be in bed by 8, really. This is usually when people start deciding to call me back from earlier messages I left after I walked my own dog.

    Our lives, so different. I do have my legs up most of the day though, just like you.

  8. Love love loved this one Kovas!! You sound a lot like my husband with your healthy eating, early wake ups, coming home to a frazzled wife, playing with the kids, reading multiple bedtime stories (while I'm at the gym), etc. But you get up way earlier and we go to bed around 11 or sometimes midnight even though he gets up at 5ish. Our only time without kids is precious but then again we don't have a newborn anymore. You sound like such an awesome father/family man! And dedicated with training!! Thanks for posting this.

  9. Your work looks very demanding. ;)
    I get up this early too, if I don't my cats walk allover me, if I still don't get up they jump, no kidding.

  10. I was just about to comment on how early you get up and then I saw Laima's comment. Damn that's early! You never fail to impress, Kovas. ; )

  11. I do NOT know how you function waking up that early. Then again, I don't have kids, and my dog is as lazy as I am.

  12. You're such a dedicated father, husband and athlete! Kudos to you for keeping it all together :)

  13. Looks like a great day(s). I'll ask, what's the game or do you pick one each week? It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who has to get up at 4am to get it done! ;) Ah, work. Why can't you be more supportive to the endurance athlete...

    This totally made me want to crack open a bottle of vino tonight!

  14. Nice post...I've been wondering how you manage to do all that you do...
    Run well & Happy Summer (seems that we have skipped Spring this year).
    PS--your comment about your cat that likes only you but you don't know why made me chuckle :))

  15. Oranization is good with all that..holy smokes!!

  16. Yep... 4 kids'll do that to you... get you all regimented :) But wow... how you are able to get up so early and go to bed so early... I need some lessons or something. I cannot seem to fall asleep until about midnight which leads to the morning struggle to get out of bed before 7.

  17. lol. my computer takes forever to turn on as well... and the internet (blogroll) is one of the first things i open as well :) your secret is safe with me.

  18. Nice detail-and very meticulous how you spell it all out. Inspires me to eat two morning snacks too ;0

  19. Sounds a bit like my mornings, minus the wife and kids obviously! I think I will do one of these posts soon! I love hearing about peoples lives. Have a great weekend.

  20. wow thats early. I cant even imagine. I get up at 9ish(err or later)but we're usually up until midnight

  21. I think structured days are important if you have a lot to pack into them, as you do. Glad I'm also not the only one who snacks throughout the day.

  22. Cool post. Always interesting to hear about how other people handle life. Our "routines" are very very different, maybe that's why I liked reading this post. Maybe I'll do a Day in the Life. BTW, you will for sure be in my next post.

  23. I'm always amazed by how early people wake up.

  24. Yea! Someone with a schedule similar to mine. I'm the only one of my friends who gets up at 4 and goes to bed by 8 (less so in the summer, but definitely in the winter!). I'm glad there are others like me out in the world:)

  25. Whoa!! You're up EARLY. I thought that I was up early at 5. Although, I'm not dedicated enough to get into bed by 8.

    HOWEVER, I do like that you have wine in there on a daily basis. But 2 buck chuck???? eesh

  26. Actually, your day is very similar to mine (right down to the blog-reading at work....shhhh). Everybody I know thinks I'm crazy to get up at 3:45 - 4:00 to run, so it's nice to read blogs of others who do the same thing. Thanks for the great post!


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