Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can you guess what I've been reading about lately? Yup, vineyards. Post-straight edge, I vowed not to become a drunken sot like so many frat brothers and hipsters I saw around the various campuses that I attended for my post-high school education.

Wine was the thinking man's drink, in my eyes (even Thunderbird, a fortified wine favored by the down and out, is based on classic wines such as port, sherry, marsala, and madeira). Unfortunately, I don't have the palate for true oenophilic snobbishness, but I do like to drink wine.

And, as so many other wine enthusiasts, I dream of owning my own vineyard. Tending the vines, the fall vendange followed by a winter of racking and bottling and then, a few years hence, opening the bottle and tasting the sweet nectar created with my own hands.

Of course the dream is Northern California, or the south of France, or Italy, Chile maybe, but the reality? Probably southwest Michigan, which has actually developed a nice little wine trail of its own. It's proximate to Chicago, so that works from a family perspective as well.

And just think about all the cool winemaking gear I'll have to get...


  1. I have a passion for wine and a green thumb in my family (my dad is a farmer, his dad, his dad - 300 years back). I've said a lot that this would be my 'lottery' job. But, I actually would move to N Cal and do it up right. ;)

    BTW - I assumed that "what you were reading" was Chris K's blog. Who knew?

  2. I <3 Wine. Can I put my order in already, lol?

  3. I have to agree with Adam. When I was drinking I did have a palate. And try as they may, the secondary regions just couldn't deliver the goods - Upstate New York, wherever.

    The right terrior is part of the mystique.

  4. Eastern Washington also has some great wines coming out of it if you ever make it out here.

  5. I think I'd be setting up in Montalcino.

    But that'd probably mean doing it all old-school and so no super hi-tech gadgetry. But then again I am a total minimalist. Sort of.

  6. You don't need to move to N cal, you can move to central or even south-ish: Paso Robles , Santa Rita, ton's of appellations and they are all good.

    Reds or whites?

  7. Your dream is shared by many.

  8. I'll do product reviews!! ;)

  9. I just made reservations to rent a house in Sonoma in August. On the coast where the Russian River empties into the Pacific. Wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma. Very cool, eh?


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