Friday, May 27, 2011

Springtime or No

With our never ending winter this year, we were really looking forward to this weekend and headed out to Union Pier, MI, to enjoy the Lake Michigan shoreline and its attendant attractions. However, much like winter was extremely cold, snowy, and windy, spring so far has been more of the same, though it is only cold, wet, and windy. Today, however, promises to be a bluebird day, so hope springs eternal.

We drove out yesterday  early morning, with gray skies, wind, and intermittent rain (more on than off). Since I was teleworking, I didn't mind sitting in the cottage and to be honest, the kids were troopers as well, occupying themselves relatively quietly for the most part.

After a long day of federal real estate, but also getting ready for our agency's transition to Google (hooray!), we decided to head over to Timothy's Restaurant for a family dinner. Laima and I had eaten here before getting married, so it's quite a feat for the restaurant to still be here after 13 some odd years. To be honest, I vaguely remembered eating here, but sitting in the dining room, no recollections came forth, though Laima prodded me several times.

After we finished however, I realized what it was. The restaurant in my mind from so many years ago was an intimate, romantic lakeside inn eatery, yet the one we had just left didn't have that feeling at all. It struck me then, that Timothy's was like an aging dowager, attempting to put on a great face by overuse of makeup, but unable to hide the tired bones.

This is a restaurant that just isn't trying very hard, or at least not in the right ways. The service bordered on nonexistent, which is very nearly a crime at the prices charged. Our waitress (yes, we waited and waited for her) switched a more expensive bottle of champagne for the one we ordered, which I didn't notice until after I had okayed it. Granted, I should have been paying better attention, but with 4 kids in a "fancy" restaurant, sometimes the mind wanders. Fool me once, etc.

The food was not bad, in fact individual items were very good. My butternut squash was good, as were the "stir-fried" veggies on top, but there was no cohesiveness between the two, and even less so with the broth  the two were placed on. Tazer and Laima both had the steak frites, and, while the steak and its sauce were quite delicious, the fries were limp. There is no excuse for that. Gaigai's kid burger was the surprise of the meal, being both large and tasty, though neither her meal nor Munchkin's came with any sort of vegetable, which is something I'll never understand. At least make the effort, even if you think the kids won't eat it.

The decor seems tired as well, with, strangely enough, foam padding on the underside of our table,which nearly fell over several times when Tazer leaned his whole weight on it. Most of the clientele was of the elderly variety and granted, it was early seating, but I'm guessing it doesn't change much. My reasoning for this is an older gentleman's comment to us as he came in towards the end of our meal: "So strange to see young people here!" That says it all.

So, unfortunately, my dim memory of a romantic meal with Laima is now replaced with a forgettable meal on a gray evening. Can't recommend Timothy's at this time, unless a major revamp is done for the decor, service, food, and effort. A big task, but necessary, as this is one of the only restaurants in town.

Timothy's on Urbanspoon

But today is another day. While it's still overcast and a bit chilly this morning, blue skies have appeared on the horizon and the sun appears to be defeating the clouds. This afternoon we'll head down to the beach. While it is still too cold to swim, the beach holds endless fascination for all of us, especially after big storms, when the waves deposit myriad treasures there for the finding.

Have a great weekend all!
While enjoying family and friends,
please also remember the service and sacrifices
 made by our veterans!


  1. Just as wonderful as the first time :)

  2. I'm glad you told me you were joking Laima - I at first thought I was being too much of a curmudgeon!

  3. OK. I can admit to eating at McDonald's now. At least the fries are crisp. I am not overly concerned about how they get that way, either. :)

  4. Enjoy your weekend away. Hopefully it'll warm up!

  5. I'm curious - do you think the mental image of the "romantic, intimate" restaurant changed because your mindset was different? The previous time you were there, I can assume 110% of your attention was devoted to the woman sitting directly accross from you, causing you to mostly block out the surrounding room?

    NFI in Timothy's - as I've never been to Michigan, I am just wondering if things aren't as good as we remember them?

  6. GeorgiaSnail, there's always a bit of the rose-tint to romantic memories. However, even having the love of my life across from me couldn't unlimp those fries. :) It's a restaurant with a decent reputation that needs some work to maintain it.

  7. I know exactly what you are saying...there are places like that all over the place around Hollywood and the older areas of the Southland. Though I too assumed you were being too much of a curmudgeon. You can't help it.

  8. It's strange when you have memories of a place and go back to something that feels like time has stopped. Kind of ruins the pedestal you put it on in your mind.
    Hope that you have some sunshine and enjoy the beach, young man!

  9. Enjoy the rest of your trip :) Hope Spring shows up soon!

  10. I'm so glad I'm getting caught up on Blogger and read this post. I'm going to Union Pier, MI next week and had reservations there.

  11. There ain"t no way you"re gonna see the romance when you are out to dinner with a passel of kids! But I understand that it was more than that. Your descriptive phrases really brought the experience right to me. I don"t want to back there to eat either.


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