Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Road ID Giveaway; Big Kahuna or Medium Shot?

Laima is hosting a giveaway for a RoadID over at Women's Endurance Gear - head over there to become a follower and enter for your chance to win. Even if you already have a RoadID, they now have smaller styles that are appropriate for kids, so it would make a great present for someone you know. As our son Tazer becomes bolder and more independent on his bike, we are realizing that a RoadID for him will make him a bit safer and allow us a bit less fear as he heads out of the driveway. It's never easy to watch them go.

So the "Medium Shot" who is Patrick over at The Road posed an interesting question on his post yesterday - he's looking for a funny or cheesy-named half marathon next February. Since we're both big guys, my first thought was that he should head to Hawaii for the Run For The Whales Half, but that's more ironic than cheesy. There's also the Disney Princess, which migt be right up his alley, or maybe the Snow Joke in Seeley Lake, MT. Ultimately though, for its name and close proximity to home, Patrick should opt for the Hugs & Kisses in Long Beach, CA. Do you have a suggestion for Patrick?


  1. Hi!
    I like your idea for the race! I've never heard of it, but the name alone would have me sign up (if I lived in Hawaii or had the $ to fly over to race it;-)

  2. I'm glad I can be your fodder for an obviously slow news day in Illinois.

  3. Patrick should run the Disney Princess in a tutu ;)

  4. Love the idea of a kids' ID...although the prospect of them needing one scares me.

  5. I'm going to be hosting the first ever "I love rubber marathon"

    want. in?

  6. It's only a 10K, but there's a "Love the Run You're With" in Steamboat in February...

  7. I suggested this on Patrick's site:

    The Half-Mary-Jane.

    No water stations. Instead, they are bong-water stations. No bananas...just herb.

    Doritos and Zig-Zag would be the sponsors.


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