Friday, May 6, 2011

Community News

In bloggy news today:

Bob Shuler, aka IronBob aka OneHourIronman had a letter published in the June 2011 issue of Triathlete Magazine! Sort of surprised it wasn't about refrigerator repair man butt cracks, but that's Bob, always surprising the multisport world.

(*Addendum: Big Daddy Diesel has let me know that there are three other bloggers mentioned: Heidi Austin from TriAngel, Chloe from Chloe is..., Tawn from Tri Dawn - woohoo! I hadn't gotten through the whole issue, so thanks for the heads-up.)

Even as you read this, EMZ is running her way to nowhere, 24 hours on the treadmill to benefit the Sojourner Center. For more info and to support her cause, head over to Run EMZ! She's. fReaking. got. thIs.

The 24 Treadmill Marathon Support for Sojourner Center
When: 05/06/2011 6am-05/07/2011 6am Mountain Time
Where: Channel 12 studio 200 East Van Buren; Phoenix, AZ

Still the weekend left to follow and possibly win some BlisterShield over at Women's Endurance Gear. Or follow for such things as the recipe for Black Bean Brownies (Black Bean Brownies?!). Be a mensch (menscha/menschess?) - head over there and start following today!



  1. A total of 4 bloggers are listed in that issue. It was cool seeing other peoples names in it

  2. Good luck Emily! What an amazing feat and for a great cause!

  3. Wait - Black Bean Brownies? okay, you have my attention.

  4. :) Tons of mentions!

    EMZ is going to kick butt!

  5. 24 hours on a treadmill, EMZ is tough as nails for a good cause. What a rockstar!
    Have a lovely weekend to you!

  6. Go EMZ. I will try and run 24 minutes on a treadmill in honor of her. Need to do about an hour on Sunday, I'll find a 20 min route to the gym, do my 24 and then run home.

  7. and I let my subscription lapse.... say it isn't so...

    Hey, what was my letter about??

  8. LMAO@ Bob! I may have to check out the Black Bean Brownies…my 6-yr old refuses to eat anything BUT chocolate; this may be a solution.

    Emz is amazing! Patrick is too funny…but even 24 minutes on a TM is more than I could handle :P

  9. I've been following EMZ all day. She's doing amazing. I think you should try this next year Kovas.

  10. You are such a great friend for mentioning all of those bloggers. So sorry i have been MIA for ages Kovas. How have you been?


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