Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zensah Trail Running Socks

I'm not sure what makes these socks trail-specific. Typically, I run in no-show or crew-cut socks, so perhaps the length is the reason these are considered trail socks. "The Zensah trail running socks go up to about the runners mid-shin and the superior comfort come from the fact that they are seamless in design to prevent any blistering or skin irritation. They are also thermal regulating, so your feet never get too hot or too cold. Each sock features a patented knitting technique that creates a support zone around the arch and ankle that adjusts to your foot shape to increase comfort and enhance support while trail running. Each pair of trail running socks is made in Italy to ensure the best quality."

These socks have a tight knit that would probably ward off most dust, sand, or grit on the trail, which might be the main reason to wear these for trails over roads. While Zensah makes no claims to these being compression socks, the feeling is similar, though not nearly as supportive as their compression socks. These socks have a good amount of cushioning, but not so much that my shoes felt any different. All in all they are a very comfortable, cushioned running sock that most, if not all, people would find comfortable. I used them outside in the chilly winter weather as well as on the treadmill. In all cases, even soaking wet from a muddy trail run, these socks kept my feet comfortable and I never felt like they were sagging or blister-prone. My only complaint is a personal one, in that I just don't like the length of the sock. Maybe because they feel like a compression sock or that I typically wear short socks, but the mid-shin length just felt awkward. I would suggest either lengthening them to the knee like a compression sock, or shortening them to the ankle area. Otherwise, these are a quality sock that keep your feet comfortable and protected on the trail (and on the road and on the bike as well).

More information can be found at the Zensah website, on Facebook, and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review on my blog - courtesy of Zensah. I did not pay for the item, receive payment for this review, or agree to give it a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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  1. I love Zensah. I have arm and calf sleeves as well as capri pants from them. Great product from a great company.

  2. Are they wool? I prefer wool socks, I'm figuring out. Thanks for the review. I wore no-show socks on one trail run and rocks and twigs ended up on them, so the longer length is good by me.

    Side note: recommended trail near Willowbrook, IL?

  3. I prefer no show socks also, but for trail running the longer length may make sense.

  4. I'm wondering if there is a more manly synonym for "capri pants"....

  5. I personally wear 3/4 length items rather than capris.

  6. When you go to their site you order 3/4 Compression Capri Tights so it all depends on how comfortable you are with your manhood.

    I am comfortable with my manlyhood and so capri's, 3/4 length pants, long shorts or knickers I will wear them with pride.

    Where is all the a** kissing? I thought this was the law firm of a** kissing and not ridiculing....LOL! You guys rock.

  7. Jason,

    Under the charter of our ass kissing program we are in no way obligated to consistently kiss the asses of people who did not make the selection.

    Rather, expect random bursts of ass kissing when least expected. Today was clearly not that day.

  8. By the way, who agrees with me that now that it is mid April Kovas should change his profile pic to show some of the warm weather gear he gets for free?

  9. Since I'm still wearing everything in the picture, it seems premature. Not all of us are lolling on the beach, sipping lemonade and celebrity-watching. If only Amanda would weigh in - she would know what to do!

  10. maybe that's what i'm doing wrong. you have specific articles of clothing for every part of the body.
    i'm lucky if i remember to wear the right running shoes. ;-/

    am i going to see you at the Boston marathon starting line?? :D

  11. Unfortunately, I'm neither fast enough nor rich enough to run Boston.

  12. I am tempted to consider them for our several week long hike this summer. Another expense... but if they keep my feet happy it will be worth it.


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