Friday, April 8, 2011

Stunning Public Relation News

In a move that has set the blog world abuzz, Patrick of The Road [Multisport] has revealed that the public relations firm Butkus + Lykett will no longer be exclusively representing bloggers Beth of Shut Up And Run, ChrisK of The Manly Runner, or EMZ of If I Can't Convince You, I'll At Least Confuse You. What this means? Pundits are unsure, but word on the street is that this is a golden opportunity for other bloggers to revel, at least for some time, in the warm glow of blogger adulation. Who will be the next Celebrity Superblogger? Could it be You? Why Not?

If you are in the market for representation, or just feel that Butkus + Lykett might be able to push your blog over the top, head over to their website and let them know why you are deserving.


  1. ha! I had to come back here just so my daughter (who is snuggled in bed next to me) could see your picture of the little person with the lips on his butt. She approves of your clip art Kovas.

  2. kiss my arse until yer greeeeeen with envy !!

  3. Great idea. However, I think I will just continue to kiss EMZ and SUAR's ass.

  4. I think you should add in a vote for me because I have TWICE come to your area and you have TWICE refused to run with me (or had other say toMAto, I say toMAHto).

  5. Chris is one freaking smart guy but I think he's kissing the wrong EMZ's Ass.

    Can't see any marks on mine.

  6. But, will you buy me dinner before? I'm no floozy.

  7. I don't think I've been blogging long enough to understand this - it's over my I'll just so wow that's awesome!

  8. I'm Michael I may be to new to your sites to get it but it had me laughing!


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