Monday, April 18, 2011

New Chicago - The Domed City

(A minor rant.) Are you kidding me? This morning, April 18th, we woke to snow on the ground. Now it's just a little bit of snow, but for some reason, this year, we continue to shake our heads and wonder when this winter will end. I, for one, would gladly get behind any effort to place the Chicago metropolitan area under a large dome, where we could enjoy our midwestern existence in a Truman Burbank state of bliss. Another benefit would be that the area outside the dome would revert to wilderness, giving us many more options for trail running.

And now for something completely all the participants in today's Boston Marathon, Happy Patriot's Day and good running to you!


  1. I'm with ya on the weather


    enough about you what about me...
    we are not going to get above mid forties this week with snow possible on Tues, Wed, AND Fri !!!


  2. Your dome proposition sounds quite interesting :D
    Mid April snow? I bet you could get some people behind you on this one!

  3. Of course, you would escape your dome for a lovely trail snow!

  4. Snow in April - not fun.
    Domed cities - horror.
    I think it is a no win situation.

  5. All I keep hoping is that this means summer will be cooler and more mild. With our luck though we'll have a crazy hot summer in the midwest too.


  6. Tiina, unfortunately, the premise of global warning suggests that we wil ltrend towards extremes - colder winters, hotter summers, less and less of moderate spring and fall temps.

  7. That's a huge dome! We need an air-conditioned one over Florida from may-October!

  8. Just keep the snow south of Wisconsin, because I'd really like to wear shorts in 2 weeks for my marathon!

  9. Is it wrong for on guy to tell another guy that he likes his dome?

  10. Hmmm, let me think about this for a second. Got it! Move.

  11. Snow here too. What else is new....

  12. Same here Kovas. Shouldn't have gone down to AZ for a few days. It made it hurt all the more waking up to cold, wet weather here this morning.

  13. I like the dome idea, if we did it in Caratunk it would be much more affordable than doing it in the greater Chicago area.

    Snow in April is not funny.

    Happy Boston Marathon Day!

  14. Sorry Kovas. I'm listening to the Pads/Cubs game right now and it's 38 deg with 20 mph winds. Bummer. Soon, it will be nice. Promise.


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