Thursday, April 21, 2011

Land of Lincoln

I'm headed for Springfield, IL, for work. The morning will be taken up by train travel (incredibly expensive by plane and a long, monotonous drive), then meeting with a client agency and lessors to view possible space to house said agency. If I had the time, which I don't this trip, things I 'd like to see there include:

The Dana-Thomas House. "In 1902, Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned to undertake the design and construction of a massive renovation of the Lawrence family home in Springfield, Illinois. The home was to be more than a mere residence -- it was to be a showcase. Upon its completion in 1904, the new edifice completely engulfed the original home. It immediately became a symbol of artistic and architectural excellence. It now stands as the finest example of the creativity and uniqueness characteristic of the Prairie School of Architecture." From Governor James R. Thompson's Executive Order August 23, 1983.  Unfortunately, even if I had time, the house is closed fore restoration until mid-summer. I've long been a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright - some people can't see past his personal problems, but to me, many of his structures are pure works of art. Maybe next visit.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library is the premier repository for materials relating to the history of the Prairie State. The Illinois State Historical Library was created in 1889 by the Illinois General Assembly, which charged the new library with collecting and preserving "books, pamphlets, manuscripts, monographs, writings, and other materials of historical interest and useful to the historian, bearing upon the political, religious, or social history of the State of Illinois from the earliest known period of time." This is a relatively new structure, and, from the outside, combines the lower lines typical of Midwestern architecture with interesting shapes reflecting interior uses, along with a beautiful stone and glass facade.

If you haven't read my wife's post, Tidbit Tuesday over at Women's Endurance Gear, you really should check it out. Who knew you could combine chia seeds, post-coital urination, and plane travel into a cohesive post? 


  1. Hey, you're (almost) in my neck of the woods. Never been to the Dana-Thomas House, but the presidential library and museum is AMAZING.

  2. Some pretty cool places - we'll have to go back with the kids!

  3. The nuclear power plant and Moe's are there too, right?

  4. Frank Lloyd Wright is my favorite. I've been to his Museum in Scottsdale and know that many of his designs are in IL.


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