Monday, March 21, 2011

OptygenHP Product Review and Giveaway

OptygenHP, a supplement marketed by 1st Endurance, is touted as improving muscular endurance, exercise capacity, and total work done. It also supposedly aids in recovery. The two main adaptogens in OptygenHP (Rhodiola and Cordyceps CS-4) were first used by Tibetan Sherpas to help them climb Mt. Everest. OptygenHP utilizes these two unique adaptogens because clinical research on elite endurance athletes has shown them to improve performance, increase the body’s ability to adapt to high levels of physical stress, increase aerobic threshold and reduce lactic acid. 1st Endurance's research has shown the following endurance benefits:

-Increases Endurance and Performance
-Increased strength
-Reduces Lactic Acid
-Increases oxygen utilization
-Increase in VO2 Max
-Increase in Time to Exhaustion
-Increases Anaerobic threshold
-Improved exercise capacity
-Increases Maximal Oxygen uptake
-30% - 50% increase in Oxygen Utilization
-Increase ratio of ATP by 45% - 55%
-Enhances Endurance
-Increase in ATP production 

I received a one-month supply of OptygenHP, courtesy of Proline Sports Nutrition, after having my interest piqued by The Manly Runner himself, Chris K (though he was attempting to BQ or Die at that time).

"ProLine Sports Nutrition and Equipment is owned and managed by endurance athletes. While training, we searched for the best supplements to enhance our performance without compromising our ability to compete against world class athletes in professional and amateur sporting leagues. That means that every supplement we sell is legal and accepted by the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) , US Anti-Doping Association (USADA) and Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). We have used every product that we offer including some of the most widely used endurance supplements, recovery products and training equipment on the market today. Our goal is to make your training more effective and decrease your recovery time allowing for greater success beating your personal records or even a world record or two."

I call it voodoo science, because there is no specific new feeling when taking OptygenHP (though 1st Endurance states that some might feel a "tingle"). Unlike some other supplements, which make you feel stronger, faster, or more refreshed, OptygenHP is the quiet, behind-the-scenes, doer who actually makes things happen. So does it work, you ask? Absolutely, I'm a total believer. I'm not the fittest, nor the fittest, nor the most handsome (and I'm not sure OptygenHP could help with that), but, after taking this for a week or so, I headed out for a long run and discovered that I felt better for a longer duration and, even though I stopped my long run when planned, felt like I could continue. The next day, when the middle-age soreness usually appears, I instead felt some spring in my step, like I could run long again. This effect, of feeling stronger during the longer run and fresher the next day, was repeated every weekend for the month I've been taking the product. ChrisK had told me that it would be most effective after runs longer than 16 miles and I'll have to take his word for it, because I never got to that distance, but the effect was definitely felt on my shorter duration long runs.

Head over to Dangle The Carrot, where Jeff lets you know the opinion of an actual athlete. (If you are not following Jeff yet, you should, for jaw-dropping training posts, shark attacks, and the occasional political rant, all wrapped up in an oversize Texas twang.)

Now OptygenHP is not inexpensive and might not, economically, be for everyday use. However, as often as possible, and especially for your "A Events," OptygenHP is a must. Take it approximately a month before your event, enjoy the benefits of more pleasant training, higher levels of endurance, and quicker recovery in order to maximize the possibility of the most enjoyment come event day.

ProLine Sports has generously offered two ways to enter a drawing for a month's supply of OptygenHP. Be a follower of this blog, then head over to the ProLine website to enter and like them on Facebook for a Second Chance Drawing! (You can also follow them on Twitter.) Winner will be chosen at random Friday, March 25th, 2011, so enter before midnight on Thursday the 24th.

 (Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review on my blog - courtesy of ProLine Sports Nutrition, Inc. I did not pay for the item, receive payment, or agree to give it a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company websites, the opinions are my own.)

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  1. Great info Kovas-I am actually really interested in finding out more about the "active ings" here.
    I think it did make you better looking-if that is even possible! That's like improving the David sculpture--

    Would love to try this out-I am a follower :) and heading over to say Hello to Proline.
    Thanks! :D

  2. Excellent review Kovas. ChrisK was spot on with his assessment that the results are very noticeable during the longer runs (and rides). I learned the same thing.

    Unfortunately OptygenHP didn't make me more handsome either??

  3. Hmmm...I don't want to be more handsome, but feeling stronger on the long runs would be nice. I'm going to go check them out.

  4. I follow and would love to give this stuff a shot. If it can make a 56 year old 35 again, like Jeff, I'm in.. Now if it could take 40 pounds off also, then this 56 year old might even give Jeff a run for his money in two months...

  5. I follow!
    I would love to try this out!

  6. I totally want to try this out! I am a bit skeptical though.

  7. Anything that mixes Sherpas and voodoo must be awesome. I entered.

  8. Optygen HP really does work. It's not what you feel when you take it, it's what you don't feel. You don't feel tired dead legs when getting up to 18+ miles.

    BTW, it takes about 30 days of continual use for optimal effectiveness.

  9. Interesting product that I have never heard of - good information to have available! Thanks for the review. :)

  10. you try it and lemme know. i have such bad luck, i'll let others taste first. :)

  11. I tried to fill out the form but it kept bouncing my "security" code.

  12. thank you for the giveaway!
    I would love to try this.
    I just tried their liquid shot on Saturday for my long run and I LOVED it. Chris was the one who suggested I try this stuff because nothing else was working for me and my delicate GI track
    I am so happy that this product works for me!

  13. Love the reviews that you and Jeff did. I'm adding this to my must try in 2011 list!


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