Thursday, March 24, 2011

Music Swap, OptygenHP and Women's PowerSox Giveaways

Over the last several weeks, Patrick of The Road and I have been trading YouTube music videos, bouncing old favorites off of each other, though I also sent him a ringer just to shake things up, in response to a Badfinger video. For some reason he wasn't enthused. Who can resist Hugh Gant? Patrick, that's who. It's been a lot of fun, with bands that have included The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, Descendents, Killing Joke, and others, including the aforementioned Badfinger. When's the last time you listened to Cheap Trick sing "Surrender" at Budokan? What's a band you used to love but haven't thought of in a while?

One band that occasionally pops into my head, especially in relation to Patrick is Uniform Choice. Uniform Choice? Uniform Choice was a band started by some guys at my high school (go Monarchs!) and then later, Patrick played guitar for them. How's that for six degrees of separation?

In other news, today is the last day to enter the OptygenHP giveaway sponsored by ProLine Nutrition. ProLine Sports has generously offered two ways to enter a drawing for a month's supply of OptygenHP. Be a follower of this blog, then head over to the ProLine website to enter and like them on Facebook for a Second Chance Drawing! (You can also follow them on Twitter.) Winner will be chosen at random Friday, March 25th, 2011, so enter before midnight on Thursday the 24th.

Also, you have until Monday night to enter the Women's Powersox Giveaway over at Women's Endurance Gear.

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  1. good question. i am such a music nerd making as many playlists as i can. i love switching ipods with friends. although, some may laugh at my love of showtunes. is is bad that i used to like wham?

  2. I randomly think of Fugazi and Bad Religion sometimes, but when I actually hear them I'm embarrassed by all the earnestness. Oh, and I'm a follower, so throw me in for the Optygen giveaway. I'll comment again if I get around to all the fb-ing for the other entries.

  3. I just put whatever music my roommates have on their computer on my iPod. That is how lazy I am with dealing with playlists.

  4. I so need that optygen.

    love it.

  5. When I was a teen I used to ride to work with a coworker who blasted music like that in his car.

  6. Descendents = awesome
    No bands come to mind that I don't still listen to from time to time, but now you have me thinking just to be sure...

  7. I'm too embarrassed to publicize my musical preferences. But thanks for being bought... errr... liking my page :P

  8. I am totally lame when it comes to music - I have never ever heard of any of these bands. I need to get out more :)

  9. I love music and all kinds! here are some bands I listened to and still do from time to time...Siouxsie and the Banshees,
    Minor Threat, Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, Echo & The Bunnymen, PIL,
    The Jesus and Mary chain, This Mortal Coil, Agent Orange, The Smiths, Rancid...I could go on and on!

  10. I have a bunch of Cheap Trick on my ipod. I'm taking my kid to see two bands at the House of Blue next month. The Foals and The Kills.


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