Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents' Day Panoply of Products

Some time ago, the whole family tasted and loved Peter Rabbit Organic snack pouches. Recently we were sent three new flavors to try out: Sweet Potato/Corn/Apple, Pea/Spinach/Apple, and Carrot/Squash/Apple - my children are somewhat finicky eaters, yet they liked all the new flavors, as did I. Usually I only abide spinach in its non-cooked form, but this puree was well-balanced and tasty. That's the thing about the Peter Rabbit Organics - these fruit and veggie purees are marketed for babies and younger children, but my wife and I both agree that it's a nice snack for us as well - sort of a flavored applesauce.


Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix

  • Unique blend of proteins for fast and long-lasting hunger control
  • Low carbohydrates and sodium
  • Aminogen™ for maximum protein absorption
  • Pre-biotic for digestive health
  • 23 vitamins & minerals in an amazing-tasting Sweet Cream flavor
Other Ingredients: Protein Blend of (Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, and Whey Protein Concentrate), Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin (Fibersol™), High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavor, MCT Oil, Maltodextrin, Gum Acacia, Xanthan, Sodium Caseinate, Lecithin, Aminogen™, Mono & Diglycerides, DiPotassium Phosphate, Sucralose

Contains: Milk and Soy

What really caught my attention is the extensive yet simple ingredients list. Gluten free and lactose free as well. While marketed as a weight management product, the shake mix is actually a decent way to add fiber and protein to your diet. Check out Lindy's site and give Visalus a go. Once you get past all the promotional stuff, this is a product you might be interested in.

(*Visalus Sciences' websites have a strong late night infomercial feel, which is kind of a turnoff, at least for me.  That's too bad, because the Nutritional Shake Mix, which Lindy (who I met on LinkedIn) sent me, is a actually a tasty product.)


“MY RUN”, a new running documentary, has its upcoming ONE NIGHT only Premiere Event coming to Movie Theaters Nationwide on March 31, 2011.

They have teamed up with Lance Armstrong’s Cancer Foundation LIVESTRONG, and Life Time Fitness in the release of MY RUN, where a portion of the film’s profits will be donated to LIVESTRONG to FIGHT CANCER. It’s all about being somebody’s hero.  “Your film is so important to raising awareness of so many issues including the power of the human spirit. Mr. Hitchcock’s vision and story is one I will never forget,” said Doug Ulman
President/CEO of LIVESTRONG.

The MY RUN Story - After tragically losing his wife to breast cancer and struggling to raise three young children on his own, real life super hero and modern day Forrest Gump, Terry Hitchcock seized on an idea. He wanted to accomplish the impossible: run 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days to bring attention to the incredibly difficult lives of single-parent families. He ran in spite of freezing rain and unbearable heat, in spite of chest pains and bone fractures that wracked his 57-year-old body.  He just kept running - each day, every day - strengthening an unbreakable bond between father and son--- not stopping until he broke the finish line tape in Atlanta. MY RUN is more than a film about a guy running multiple marathons; it’s a film about the daily marathons we all run in life, a theme that’s extremely relevant and important in this day and time.


Facebook Fan Page:

Tickets go on sale February 18, 2011 at


I'm always on the lookout for a good pair of sunglasses, both for protection as well as comfort. Last summer, I put the Gargoyles Striker to the test. Head over to Endurance Gear Reviews to read what I thought.

Disclaimer: These products wer sent to me for review purposes, courtesy of the respective companies. I was not compensated in any other way for the reviews, was not obligated to give positive reviews, and all opinions are my own. Some information in these reviews was taken from the company website.

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  1. Those shades look cool! But of course you make things cool by reviewing them!

  2. Kovas, since you can't run S2S were you just gonna sent me a "care package"? Especially those rad shoes I liked (the flat ones). You still have my address, right? Cool, thanks buddy.

  3. Chris - Already sent - did you ever get the iPad?

  4. Kovas! I LOVE Gargoyles... When I worked in Park City, UT I used to sell them in my shop and I pro dealed the heck out of them. That was a while ago and I forgot about them!! So thanks for reminding me. That apple sauce stuff looks awesome.

  5. Kovas, really, shakes and stuff? What are YOU doing these days? I was so much more enthralled when the stories were about you and your training and adventures!!

  6. It's all part of it, Jen. Bummed you're not enjoying it, but hopefully some other posts will strike a chord. :)

  7. Panopoly...good word.

    Even with the thumbs-up on the purees, it's hard to imagine the spinach one being edible. You're brave.

  8. Snack pouches? I fear they may be a tough sell among my kids. Where does one buy these?

  9. Hi;-)
    stopping by to read and also say... I want those shades! They look coo;)

  10. i'd try the peter rabbitt stuff but not sure i could get my kids to...

    and i just read your post from a few days ago about snow running...thx for the tips as it looks like i'll need them next week for my trail run...:) trying to decide if i should go ahead and invest in some yaktrax...

    and for sure no s2s?!?!? it's looks like i'll make it there afterall... can't wait...

  11. That's one bummer of living out here in Africa. We don't have that many products to choose from and the one's we do have are very expensive unless manufactured locally. To give you and idea, a Gu gel costs R17 (SA Rand). Locally manufactured gels are about R8 each on average.

  12. Awesome, Kovas! Cool post. I really like Visalus - I use it from time to time as a supplement. I like the chocolate/cardio health mix-in the best. And thank you for entering my giveaway and spreading the word!


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