Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Race Across the Sky DVD + More Secret Santa!

I was pretty excited about watching this movie, as I have a passing interest in mountain biking and a strong interest in the Leadville 100 (though as a trail runner). I was a bit disappointed in the movie, as I believe they missed a golden opportunity to really showcase the race and Leadville. I'm a fan of Lance's, for things he's done both on and off the bike, but this was simply a paean to Lance Armstrong, sort of follow Lance as he kicks the locals' butts movie. There were some amazing shots of the race course, others showing how tough the racing is/was, but very little of the race's history or the characters that inhabit it. That being said, it's still worthwhile searching it out, if only to get a small taste of this beautiful area of Colorado. That, and it makes you want to go out and ride.

Race Across The Sky 2010 from Citizen Pictures on Vimeo.


Yesterday I came home to a great surprise! MORE SECRET SANTA! Whitney, of Running With Whit, sent me an amazing blog gift exchange package. Unbeknownst to me, Jill had given my name to 2 other bloggers, as I had volunteered to send out 2 gifts. Whitney must have a direct pipeline to info about me, because this gift clearly had me in mind. S'mores cocoa mix, Flex-Tastic, a Glade scent pack (pomegranate
a├žai - smells great!), and Balega trail socks. Besides the wine and Johann's writing at Run Tall, Walk  Tall,  the Balega socks are another South African product worth seeking out. Thanks again, Whitney, for a great and thoughtful gift.
Oh yeah, the Flex-Tastic. To me it looked like my wife's pedicure thingy, but this product spreads the toes more aggressively, which "massages and relieves sore feet; straightens and re-aligns problem toes; and restores flexibility and circulation." I wore them for a half hour last night and they definitely affect the feet - reserving judgment on positive or negative, but that initial try was promising.


  1. My friend did the Leadville 50 last year. He didn't get in through the lottery for the 100. I was there to watch and cheer him and all the riders on. What a great race! Definitely not easy!

  2. Your secret santa's are pretty cool. They need to call my husband up and chat.

  3. Mmmmm... S'mores!

    Speaking of pedicures... did I ever mention that I got my first pedicure with the wifey in August?

    Leadville 100?! I think that requires a lot of mental preparation as well. I would be too busy dealing with "soap" issues. ;- )

  4. Leadville 100 sounds awesome! suhweeet!

  5. My friend completed Leadville in '09 and this year. I saw the 2010 movie and I really think it featured the locals and their backstories. (I think the 2009 version was more about the pros).

    Well filmed and a huge challenge for even the most experienced cyclists.

  6. fextastic sounds interesting.

  7. Someday I would love to go an watch the Leadville 100!
    Yay for another secret bloggie santa gift!! :)

  8. YAY for more gifts for Kovas.

    Love it.

    Where's my new rock?

  9. I was going to ask what the heck a Flex_Tastic thing-a-ma-bob was, never heard of it. btw, my friend had a pedicure and had major blisters after - I guess they rubbed/scrapped? off the hard caliouses. Opps. So don't go getting any ideas. Unless you're into that type of sadistic blister pleasure.

    I'm guessing you're pretty set in the running garb dept for 2011. YAY!

  10. Kudo's to Jill for setting up the gift exchange it is pretty awesome...

  11. You are just getting gifts up the wazoo!

    I haven't heard of that movie but now I want to see it (even if it is basically a movie about Lance).

  12. and they even came to your house. Good thing because that one horse town you live in doesn't ship. :-)

  13. Fextastic sounds fantastic.
    I haven't heard about the movie until now. Thanks. I still want to see it as I'm a huge fan of Lance.

  14. Did you even have to send out two gifts? Nice haul!

  15. I so need to get into this next year! Great gifts!

  16. That is so great. Did the pony express deliver it to the nether reaches of Chicago?

  17. That movie looks like something I would enjoy watching. Perhaps it would get me pumped up to do a race too:)

    It looks like you got a great gift from your secret santa:)

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday Kovas! Take care!

  18. I am super interested in the Leadville 100 - not sure I want to do it, but it just is neat to read about and see others do for sure. Such a cool area of CO too.

    Nice secret Santa gift!

    Hope you and your family have an awesome holiday!


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