Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kids Try Gear: Pure Bar Snack Bars Product Review

Our dad, who writes the blog Midwest Multisport Life, recently got samples of the Pure Bar snack bars to review, and he asked us to help him out!

Pure Bar are organic, gluten-free, raw snack bars that come in 6 flavors: Cranberry Orange, Apple Cinnamon, Trail Mix, Cherry Cashew, Wild Blueberry, and Chocolate Brownie.

Our Tasting Sheet

Munchkin (age 3):
  • Cranberry Orange - yummy!
  • Apple Cinnamon - yummy
  • Trail Mix - It's yummy!
  • Cherry Cashew - yummy
  • Wild Blueberry - yum
  • Chocolate Brownie - favorite
I would eat them again. My favorite was Chocolate Brownie. Second favorite was blueberry.

Tazer (age 9):

  • Cranberry Orange - pretty good, tastes a lot of orange, not much smell

  • Apple Cinnamon - smells good, awesome, better than cranberry orange, both apple and cinnamon flavors, sweet, my favorite

  • Trail Mix - not much smell, good, better than Cranberry Orange

  • Cherry Cashew - not much smell, okay, a little bit of both flavors, not as sweet

  • Wild Blueberry - strong smell, okay but aftertaste is strange

  • Chocolate Brownie - very strong smell, awesome, less nut texture

  • I like these Pure Bars overall. My favorite was the Apple Cinnamon and did not have a least favorite. I'd eat these any time and would definitely recommend them to my friends!

    Guy-guy (age 8):

    My favorite Pure Bar was the Cranberry Orange. There were six Pure Bars and each one tasted a lot different. There was the Cranberry Orange (my favorite), Apple Cinnamon, Trail Mix, Cherry Cashew, Wild Blueberry, and finally, the Chocolate Brownie. The Cranberry Orange tasted kind of sweet, there was not a strong smell and I could taste more orange than cranberry. The Apple Cinnamon smells like cinnamon, I can taste both flavors, it's very tart and cinnamony. The Trail Mix I had to breathe in deeply to get a nutty smell, it has a little tinge of chocolate, has some nuts in it, so it has some texture. The Cherry Cashew is hard and chewy at the same time, there is a nutty texture and not a strong smell. The Wild Blueberry had a very strong smell, it was a kind of dark color, there were lots of nuts, and at the end sort of a weird taste. The last bar has a very strong chocolate smell, and is dark, dark in color. I recommend these to everyone. These Pure Bars are very good.

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    1. Great review! It's nice to hear a kid's opinion because it helps me guess how my son might like these.

    2. Thanks for the review--you guys are good at this!


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