Monday, November 22, 2010

Sewer Sticker, Sixty Million Step Program, Trail Running Project

Well look what showed up this weekend! My own personal "sewer" sticker from Beth at Shut Up and Run. In an admirable combination of woman's intuition, intelligence, and striking good looks, Beth addressed the envelope to "The Mighty" Kovas. Thanks Beth, this will look great stuck on my toilet!


An opportunity to support one of our own and a good read to boot, Chasing the Runner's High: My Sixty Million-Step Program  "is the story of how Ray Charbonneau pushed his addiction to running up to, and then past, his limits. Ray shares what he learned, what he should have learned, and what he still has to learn from running." Ray's personal website is at Y42K, which asks the question "Why a Marathon?" (26.2 miles = 42K), or "Why stop at a marathon?"

Like some of us, Ray's story is one of a typical youth, then by a sedentary life with insidious weight gain, realization things can change, and a slow trek back to fitness. The path followed is familiar, with initial struggles, the first race, getting hooked on feeling good, and then looking forward to other challenges. Ray has run a variety of events, up to and including multiple marathons and ultras.

Ray also shares some basic training and gear information, really useful for the beginning runner. He makes sure to identify the people, groups, and races that he has encountered and have helped him on his journey.

The book is available for purchase from the website, Chasing the Runner's High. Pretty much every standard format is covered: Trade paperback ($12.99), .epub digital edition (standard eBook format) , .mobi digital edition (Kindle format), and .pdf digital edition (Adobe PDF format). You can also request another digital format if needed. Kind of a cool thing is that you can "Name your own price" for the digital editions - on the checkout page you can set the price to whatever you think is fair. The suggested price is $5. A portion of all proceeds goes to the charity you select.

So help out a fellow endurance athlete, do some xmas shopping early, and help out a charity. Win-win-win.


The whole family ran yesterday at Oldfield Oaks Forest Preserve!
Read more over at the Trail Running Project.


Monday Weigh-In results:

Weight: (Goal of 165) - 191.4
BF: (Goal of 11-22) - 11.3
TBW: (Goal of 50-65) - 58.3
VF: (Goal of 1-12) - 5

Another week not logging my calories in. Couple of partial days, but somehow it tapered off, especially if dinner was not something easily broken down into its components. Need to get back on track or push more to control my eating on my own. On the positive side, lost a pound since last week, so it appears I'm okay even without LoseIt! at maintaining weight. Goal is still to lose, not maintain.


  1. I love the picture of your family running.

    Are you going to ask your wife, friends and co workers to address you as The Mighty Kovas? It has a nice ring to it.

    I hope I emailed my request in time for my Sewer sticker.

  2. Thanks for the book review. This can really solve some Christmas Gift problems for me. Great to see the whole family running, I love that!

  3. You are the mighty Kovas and I'm glad it's out now for everyone to see.

  4. Love, love, LOVE that pic of the whole family running!!! Mighty Kovas, indeed!

  5. I love the family picture - great memories captured, I'm sure!!

    Sounds like a great book, for a great cause. I'd get it for you for Christmas, but appears you already own it :).

    Happy Monday!

  6. Great family picture on what looks to be an awesome trail!

  7. If your BF% is in the lower range of your goal where does the extra weight to lose going to come from? Will you ammend your BF%?

  8. Very cute family running picture - I love it :)

  9. You got your sticker? I'm still waiting on mine!

    I love the pic of your family running! Awesome!

  10. OMGosh I don't even want to know where my shirt will turn up.

  11. TMK it is...great family pic :)
    hey, I did not get my sticker yet. You must be SPECIAL. You know, TMK and all...

  12. SO cool your family ran with you! AND great SUAR sticker!

  13. A family that runs together, has to stay together !! Cool picture.


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