Monday, August 30, 2010

Kids Try Gear: Race Report: Chicago Kids Triathlon

Tazer (9):

Getting up early at 6:00 was super hard for me. I would have liked to have slept another hour. After I got up we had a good breakfast of sunflower seed butter and bananas on toast. Then we got in the car for the long drive to Chicago.

When we got there we went to the transition to set up our bikes. After we set up the bikes and helmets, we went to pick up the race packets. Then we got our numbers written on our arms and leg. Next we walked down to the beach.

At the beach we had to wait around an hour before my race started. Waiting for the start, I was pretty bored. The race organizers should have made the little kids go first.

I was in my wave and ready too go. Then my race started. The water was really cold! I was not really swimming at all, but mostly running. All of the boys in my wave were bunched together. As soon as I got out of the water, I ran to my bike.

As I ran out of the transition, my only thoughts were: speed. As I was riding, someone decided to pass me. Passing is normal, but (I don't think they tried to) as they passed me, their back tire hit my front tire and I skidded a little bit. I was okay, and soon was back in the groove, riding like normal. During the bike, I felt like it was more than 4K. Riding my bike was fun.

At the transition area, I jumped off and started my run. It was very hard for me, as I felt tired out.  Around halfway through I got a cramp. I neared the finish line. I see it! I sprint! I finish! I got a medal!

Then I went and got a Gatorade and a bagel. I loved it! I would definitely recommend it and would love to do it again!

Guy-guy (7):

Getting up early was kind of hard. We had to get up at 6:00 - I would have liked to wake at 7:00. It was an hour drive into the city, even though it only felt like 30 minutes!

Setting up transition took so long. When we went down to the beach I noticed a cool boardwalk. We had to wait for a long time before we got to start. All of the bigger kids got to go first.Then they changed the swim course for us.

But finally my turn came - my wave was wave 34. The water was freezing! I barely got to swim. Then when we got out of the water we ran up the boardwalk and into transition.

The change to the bike was pretty easy. When I got out of transition, I got on my bike. It was pretty good on my bike.

When I started the run, I felt refreshed, but when I had almost reached the finish line, I felt really tired. When I finally saw the finish line, I put on a burst of speed.

After I passed the finish line, I got a really cool medal. There were huge bagels, bananas, peaches, and Gatorade.

I would love to do another triathlon!


  1. Nice job!! You guys did great.

  2. Great job! And very good race reports!


  3. All Triathletes have to get up early. You'll get used to it.

    Great job guys.

  4. Congratulations to you both!! I love the medals you got!


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