Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kids Try Gear: Peter Rabbit Organics Product Review

Colleen from Maxwell PR set our family up with a pouch each of the Mango Banana + Orange, the Apple + Grape, and Strawberry + Banana. Peter Rabbit Organics can be found on Facebook and Twitter!

Our opinion:

Tazer (9):

I think that the pouches look sort of strange, though I like the look of the company symbol, Peter Rabbit. I also like the bright, flashy colors. I bet that those are good advertisements. Overall I like the pouches.

The first one we tasted was the Mango Banana + Orange. It was also my favorite. I liked it because it was smooth and creamy. Also I liked it because it tasted so good!

The next thing we tasted was the Apple + Grape. Compared to the other two, this was my least favorite. It looked like applesauce. Plus the texture was like applesauce. The taste was both of the flavors blended together. Overall it was okay but not the best.

Last of all we tasted the Strawberry + Banana. Did you know that was my second favorite? I liked it because it was smooth and creamy. It tasted like both of the flavors together. Overall it was great.

Overall I thought they were very good. The flavors were good, the pouches were good. I would recommend these to my friends. And I would definitely get them again. I hope you love them as  much as I do!

Guy-guy (7):

I liked the pouches because you don't need spoons. This is similar to applesauce pouches that my friends at school eat. I think they are a good portion size. My favorite was the Apple + Grape. I like that they are organic and have no added sugar, but they still taste sweet.

Apple + Grape - I tasted mostly grape, no apple flavor. It looks like applesauce and was the thickest of the three.

Mango Banana + Orange - This one was smooth. I tasted a lot of banana, a bit of mango, and no orange. This had the sweetest taste of all of them.

Strawberry + Banana - This was a little sour and looked like a smoothie. This was also the most runny.

Overall I liked all three. I would definitely eat it again and would like my parents to buy it.

(Disclaimer: This product was sent for free for review on our dad's blog - courtesy of Peter Rabbit Organics. He did not pay for the items, receive payment, or agree to give it a positive review - the opinions are our own.)



  1. Those sound yummy and your children have the most gorgeous eyes!!!

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that I would vote Apple/Grape. Ian wants to know if there are other flavors, like watermelon.


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