Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Somnio Running Shoes

Somnio Running was founded on a very basic principle, that shoes should be made to fit the individual, not the individual to the shoe. How do they do that? They start with a neutral shoe as a blank slate (they have 6 models for both men and women). Using a 5-Step Fitting Process, they have the individual stand on their patented Line-Up device (photo below). The fitter adjusts the varus until the knee is aligned and then uses the arch ball to select the correct footbed. Using a chart, the correct Ind-X inserts are selected, and the shoes are ready for the individual to try.

I headed over to Mox Multisport to get a fitting. Even though the AC wasn't working and the phone rang nearly non-stop, Troy gave me his undivided attention as he patiently put me through the fitting process. Using the above 5-Step Fitting Process, he discovered that, while my feet both track pretty well and have a neutral arch, there is still room for some improvement. Thus, a slight wedge will be placed to further align my gait. Troy also spent some time showing me similar products used for correcting imbalances in cycling shoes. Interesting items, but I think Somnio is on to something with the blank template with adjustable inserts for complete customization. Perhaps a cycling shoe company will follow suit.

To complete the process, Troy wrote up a prescription for me. As you can see, only a slight adjustment is needed to correct my stride. He suggested the Pacemaker, as it is a light, neutral shoe. 5 Miles Past Empty already reviewed the Pacemakers, so I'm more interested in reviewing the Westridge, which is Somnio's trail shoe (since I try to split my time between road and trail).

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