Thursday, June 10, 2010

Project 278 + 216: Update

So roughly 30 days ago, I got the results of my blood work and things weren't looking too good (see earlier post). I gave up red meat, stopped eating bread products (pasta being a big culprit), and tried to refrain from having refined sugar, though I'm having a hard time avoiding dark chocolate. Red rice yeast was my choice of supplement to help reduce the cholesterol. I also wanted to continue working out and losing weight. That was a struggle as first I had a back spasm and then intense arch pain - both are past now and I'm moving forward.

Monday I went to a new doctor, had my blood drawn and weighed myself. 30 days ago I had a total cholesterol level of 278 and weighed 216 pounds. Now, 30 days later, my total cholesterol has dropped to 221 and I'm down to 208 pounds, both well ahead of my goal of dropping 2.5 points, 1 pound per week. I'm really hoping that I can keep this up and that, one year from now, the photo above will be a distant memory of how things were.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!


  1. Congrats Kovas! Keep up the great work you are doing great!

  2. amazing!

    Way to go!!

    Keep it up!!!

  3. Wow! That's great! You are doing awesome : )

  4. What excellent results in just a month. Very proud of you! Very very proud!!

  5. Great job!!

    And I think the dark chocolate is ok, as long as you just have a little each day :)

  6. congrats and keep it up. be good on your vacation. The downward move on the cholesterol levels is especially awesome.

  7. I went from 258 to 150 on cholesterol with Lipitor. Dang prescrip ran out though and haven't had it checked since. Thanks for the reminder for me to do so..

  8. great job! keep up the good work!!!

  9. Congratulations on both weight loss and cholesterol drop!

  10. Those are some amazing results for 30 days! Stick with your diet and workouts and you'll reach your weight and cholesterol goals, no doubt!

  11. Hi Kovas,
    It is always hard fighting with cholesterol levels. I had issues with mine too. My bad cholesterol was not the high kind....My level was 123...I couldn't really get better than that. My bad cholesterol was 20 points lower than where it should be!?! Congrats on your improvements:) Diet and activity is key! You are doing awesome! Keep it up:) Enjoy your weekend!

  12. congrats on both measures of progress! both are important to keep 'in check'. keep it up!


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