Friday, June 11, 2010

Midwest Multisport Life VLog 1: Union Pier, MI

(Videography by Teo, son extraordinaire - that's him counting down at the end of the video)

Possibly Probably The worst ever video blog debut ever. But...I promise I'll get better!


  1. Great video Kovas! I hope that you have a nice time in Michigan...sounds like it is absolutely wonderful! I love your new t-shirt:) Happy weekend!

  2. I noticed your t-shirt right away! Patrick is sending me one too and I can't wait. Your video debut was are braver than i am. Have fun vacationing and training in MI.

  3. Perhaps you have a future videographer in the future?

    Nice video. Entering for your giveaway now...

  4. Pretty awesome. Next time I want to see you cycling with the cameraman hanging out of the window of the chase car. The music bed should be something off This Is Boston Not LA.

  5. Love the video. So nice to hear your voice. BTW, love the T-shirt.


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