Monday, June 7, 2010

Kids Try Gear: HYSO Run thru the Sun Kids 1 Mile Fun Run 6/6/10

Tazer (9): We had to get up at about 5:30 AM, then we got into our car and drove for 45 minutes to get to the race and packet pick-up. After that we had to wait close to two hours and forty-five minutes for our race to start. During the race, the wind made it a lot harder to run. The race course was flat, curvy, and a little hilly. The after-race refreshments were good, though I would have liked a bagel as one of the refreshments :). We left the race vicinity when the award ceremony was going on. It was cold, cloudy, and windy - I wish there had been more sun!

Guy-guy (7): This was my third one mile race! My mom and dad woke me up at five fifteen. We ate breakfast - sandwiches with scrambled eggs - then we drove fort five minutes to Huntley. We picked up our race packets, then we waited for two hours and during those two hours we got to see some runners run the 5K and then we also got to watch the 10K runners. Finally it was time for our race. I think I went a little too fast starting out. It almost felt like I was going to run out of breath but I turned the corner and there was the finish line. I sprinted as fast as I could. It felt so good to finish the race. After the race, there was oranges, bananas, and water. We were going to go to a Water Park after the race (that people could go to if they were in the races), but we didn't go. When we got in the car, my mom said she thought it had to be 67 degrees Fahrenheit to go. It was only 65 degrees, so even if we had gone, we couldn't have gone in anyways. Racing is FUN!

Video of the Start:


  1. Hopefully next time we'll get to go to the waterpark! You two did awesome, we're really proud of you.

  2. Teo, I would have preferred a bagel as well.

    Gaja, it will be over 67 degrees soon enough and u can hit the water park!!


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