Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anti-Inflammatory Foods Diet

(Pyramid Image taken from Dr. Andrew Weil's website)

So as part of my healthier lifestyle (getting rid of red meat and breads as initial steps), my doctor also wants me to eat less inflammatory foods. I've got no problems with any of the suggestions, some will be harder to pass up than others, but they are all doable.

In no particular order of importance:
  1. Refined sugar (raw honey and agave nectar are okay)
  2. Dairy (NO cow, she said)
  3. Wheat/gluten (already working on it)
  4. Peanuts (plenty of other nuts to choose from, and peanuts are not actually nuts anyway)
  5. Oranges/Grapefruit (bummer, but okay and I know grapefruit and statins don't mix)
  6. Alcohol (what?!)
  7. Coffee (again, what?!)
So, the Anti-Inflammatory Foods Diet - eminently doable.


  1. Sounds sorta Paleo. No oranges/grapefruit? That IS a bummer! Thanks for the food pyramid. Will have to take a closer look.

  2. Numbers 1-6 are doable ... #7 - coffee .. not so much!

  3. Yep, I still drink coffee but only 2 cups of regular and the rest is decaf. I am free of all of the rest and I must say that I do feel pretty fantastic most all of the time.

    Oh and I forgot. I only eat venison for meat. I can't afford to do the organic blah blah blah chicken and turkey and won't eat beef so since venison is free range and not going to be full of antibiotics, choose that instead.

    Have you tried Sunbutter? Its sunflower seed butter that tastes like peanut butter! Amazing stuff and packed with minerals and good fats!
    I also eat Chia Seeds and drink Kombucha. Just some ideas for you! I love to read about peoples diets so keep us up to date!

  4. It always makes me sad to have things I "can't" eat, still it seems doable. The alcohol will be sad... I love me some wine!

  5. This is an awesome post.

    Very helpful!

    I can't get past the dairy thing though. UGGG. I love my protein shakes and cottage cheese. :(

    Why the giving up of red meat and bread? sorry, just nosey. ;)

  6. All this is pointed at lowering my cholesterol, losing weight, and becoming generally healthier. I've tried to coast for so long but it hasn't worked. With our 4th child on the way, I've just decided to bite the bullet and do whatever I can to be around for my wife and kids.

  7. No coffee- what! Hope your wife likes coffee.

  8. I'd be totally screwed here! With the exception of red meat & alcohol but everything else is a staple in my daily diet. If it decreases the anti-inflammation for you then it's totally worth the sacrifice.

  9. Man, I could easily do #6&#7 the others would be a challenge for me. I mean, it is doable, but the orange/grapefruit thing would be tough. And the no ice cream and pizza. Neither of which help you lose weight, but just saying. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Killer post, 1 and 6 not a problem for me. I'm basically screwed on the rest.

  11. Dr. Andrew Weil's pyramid isn't very paleo. Way too many carbs. Carb consumption will keep your triglycerides high. And by not eating meat and saturated fat you won't get your HDL up.

    Dr. Weil is overweight. He isn't someone that to me has found the optimal diet.

    There are many books out there on an anti-inflamation diet. You will find great variation in the recommended diets. Apparently you can claim whatever you want to be anti-inflamatory. The book that makes the most sense to me is "The Inflammation Syndrome: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies, and Asthma" by Jack Challem.

    I don't understand why agave "nectar" is okay. That is the euphemistic marketing name for High Fructose Agave Syrup. It is much higher in fructose than High Fructose Corn Syrup. So if agave nectar is okay then HFCS would be better.

    I suggest you search on paleo diet. Cordain's "The Paleo Diet for Athletes: A Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance" would seem to make the most sense for you, though I don't consider his recommendations to be totally paleo. He has quirks, like he emphasizes lean meat, limits eggs, allows artificial sweeteners, and recommends canola and flaxseed oils based on their chemistry.

    You can find how I define the diet here: Paleo diet explained.

  12. Thanks for this post Kovas. I will have to start looking into foods that keep me quite alkaline so as not to aggravate my SIJ's any further.

  13. Wow!

    This is serious stuff! My died consists of whole bread made on the home brad machine, rye and oats flakes, fruits, vegetables.

    But I also eat pork, beef - only grilled.

    Have you seen significant results in sport performance and general fitness since you started this died?

    Thanks for the great info!

  14. Great guide for the anti-inflammatory diet. I must say it is good to see that the supplementation is up there on the pyramid as well. As Americans, we are not the best at getting all we need.

    Perhaps my SUAR sticker has arrived at my office. I will strategically place it to where it is not too offensive there!! ;)


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