Friday, May 14, 2010

Pierce Downer 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk 05/13/2010

My wife, with the other members of the Healthy Kids Committee, organized a 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk, to advocate for healthy families in our community. The day started off cold, rainy, windy and, oh yes, thunder and lightning. Not auspicious for the inaugural running, but by early afternoon, the sun peeked out and eventually burned off all traces of the storm (see photo above!) :).

Thanks to Road ID, Dominick's, Great American Bagel Company, and Jewel-Osco, the racers got bibs, water, bananas, and bagels. I was teleworking from home, so couldn't attend (plus, our 3 year old slept the afternoon away!), but I heard the race went wonderfully, with a few minor snags.

The preparation was half the fun. We put safety pins on all the bibs:

(thanks Road ID!)

got the water and bananas ready to go:

(thanks Dominick's!)

and sliced the bagels:

(thanks Great American Bagel Company!)

The kids had a great time, over 200 people participated, and the email reviews/responses have been uniformly positive. We're looking forward to planning next years!

Almost forgot to mention that my wife told me that the "winner" of the 1 Mile run was a 6th grader, who ran it in 5:45 - holy cow, that's fast!

Even though it seems daunting, race planning isn't that difficult, so I'm thinking of giving it a go. Of course this one was a little bit easier because the logistics were simpler (no porta-potties, no insurance), because it was done as a school event, but I think, with a little planning, it might be fun. Though it's not really in my character, I'm becoming more comfortable asking companies to give stuff. That will definitely help! Anyone else out there have any experience as a race director? What were the first steps?

If you haven't already, check out this month's giveaway at

My son Teo has posted a short review of the race at - check it out and become a follower!


  1. I have thought about planning a race here in the summer - like a 5k or something. But the insurance and stuff makes me unsure of how to go about doing it. I agree, it would be fun. This area would be great for a tri, but the logistics of planning that alone are daunting to me. I would like to see how people ask for free stuff for an event - I always get kind of shy about it.

  2. Great work Kovas. How do you go about by asking companies to donate stuff? I would not be any good, I too get really nervous.

  3. Good luck with being and RD Kovas! Ask every local company for support, leave no stone unturned and you will be successful!

  4. Mandy, while daunting, I think it's possible to organize you r first race, as long as you keep it simple. For insurance and other support, check out or A good basic race director resource is I've just started the research, so will keep you posted.

  5. Barbie, it's tough putting yourself out there! But, as Jeff wrote, you just have to ask. If you're uncomfortable doing it in person, send an email. I've started by creating a form letter that has a description of the blog, monthly visitor count, pageviews, and a link to a review, along with groups I've worked with. I've looked online to find PR companies that work with active/endurance and targeted them initially. There is a whole "Mommy Blog" world out there and I'd suggest taking a look at some of the more successful bloggers you like to see who they are working with and then contact the same companies. Not sure what sport in Australia is similar, but in the US, we have baseball, where you can strike out 7-8 times out of 10 and still be considered a success. That's the mentality to have when asking for stuff! :)

  6. The USA Triathlon link actually is

  7. I think race planning does sound hard, so that's why I'm glad there are people like you!

  8. I've done a bunch of music festival production. Nothing is really hard nor impossible (assuming you have some sponsorship $$) but there are just thousands of details to sort out and stay on top of. But it's pretty fun.


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