Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On Finishing a Workout

"Yes, there are occasions when I feel as though I can run forever, or a yoga practice that just seems to come to me, but those are relatively rare. Intellectually, I may know that I'll almost always complete either activity, but emotionally, there is almost always some element of doubt, of the need to prove it to myself. And there is always another mile or a faster mile, or a new posture or a better posture."

From The vegan monologues: collected essays by Ben A. Shaberman (Baltimore, MD : Apprentice House, 2009).

This is so much how I feel. When I lace up my shoes or get ready for another type of workout, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to accomplish what I'm setting out to do, but there is always the memory of painful, incomplete efforts. How lucky I am to be able to get out there and try, rather than be living a subsistence existence, wondering if I'll survive the day as opposed to survive a workout. How do you overcome your doubts?

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  1. I love that! What a great quote!

  2. That is a super awesome quote - I really love it! So true!

  3. oooh, good question. how to overcome doubts. build from past positive experiences i guess.
    but this is good for me b/c right now i have this possible heel problem and it's making me doubt myself and performance at the moment.

    glad to find your blog!

  4. So true! I overcome my doubts by just getting out there and doing it. When I am done I always feel better. If it is a race where I run a little faster it helps with my confidence:) I know that not every workout is going to be great but I know that the sucky ones have their purpose too!! Just keeping the faith:)

  5. Great quote, and I doubt myself all the time, in fact, I just finished posting about it! Sometimes past experiences will help, looking back at my old posts, or encouragement from someone else.


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