Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kids Try Gear: Gu Review!

(What we received from Gu and Outside PR) 

(What we purchased to increase flavor choices)

(*Parental Note: The Gu products tested were sent to me, Kovas, for review, courtesy of Gu Energy Labs and Outside PR. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to sample these as a family. You can read my review at http://midwesttriathlon.blogspot.com/2010/05/gu-review.html. I will be giving away a sample of Gu products next week on my blog, so return Monday, May 10th for entry details. Please note: some Gu products contain caffeine, milk, or soy products. Each person, especially children, reacts differently to these substances. Use caution if you think your child may react adversely to any of the above.)

Tazer (9):

First we took a plate and 3 cups and laid them out. Next we tasted 3 power drinks: Electrolyte Brew Raspberry (for before exercise), Electrolyte Lemon Lime (also for before exercise), and Recovery Brew Orange-Pineapple (for after exercise). My favorite was Gu Recovery Brew Orange Pineapple.

After that we tasted Chomps. First we tasted Cranberry Apple (caffeineated). Next we tasted Strawberry (caffeineated). Then we tasted Orange (non-caffeineated). And last we tasted Blueberry-Pomegranate (also non-caffeineated).

Last of all we tried the gels! First we tried Gu Energy Gel Vanilla (caffeineated). Yum! Second we tried Jet Blackberry (2 x the caffeine). Yuck! Third we tried Tri-Berry (caffeineated). It was okay, but not the best. Fourth, the Mint Chocolate (no caffeine added).  Awesome! Fifth, Chocolate Outrage (caffeineated).  Awesome! Last of all...Strawberry-Banana (non-caffeineated). My favorites were the Chocolate Outrage and Mint Chocolate.

Guy-guy (7):

First our dad put three cups in front of us. Then he poured in some Raspberry Electrolyte Brew. Before I tasted it, I smelled it - it smelled good! Next he put in some Electrolyte Brew Lemon Lime in the second cup and a Recovery Brew called Orange Pineapple. The Lemon Lime tasted a bit sour and the Orange Pineapple tasted kind of weird but all of them tasted good.

Then our dad put a plate  in front of us. Then he put a Cranberry Apple Chomp in front of us. We tasted the Chomp and it was very good but it was not my favorite one. Then he put a Strawberry Chomp in front of us. I smelled it, it smelled great! Then he gave us an Orange Chomp. It was the best I had had so far for the Chomps. Then he gave us a Blueberry Pomegranate Chomp, but it did not have a blueberry taste; it only had a pomegranate taste.

Then he asked us to move our Chomps to the side and he put a Vanilla Gel on our plates. You could not taste very much vanilla. Then he put in a Jet Blackberry. It was sour; I didn't like that one very much. Then he put in a Tri-Berry, but it did not taste like a berry. Next he put in Chocolate Outrage which tasted AWESOME to me. Finally he put in a Strawberry-Banana gel and I think that was my favorite!

If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact us at kidstrygear@yahoo.com.

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  1. Awesome report. I happen to like the Chocolate Outrage too.. as a matter of fact that was the only flavor I had on me thought my first marathon. I have yet to taste the strawberry-banana. I hope I will be able to agree with you on the taste..


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