Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free Yourself (and the shirt will follow)

That's me rockin' a shirt from Sìoda TriSports in Huntington Beach, CA. (Actually, I'm not sure I'm still capable of rockin' a teeshirt, but a man can dream, right?) This shirt was sent to me by Patrick Mahoney, who writes The Road - A Multisport Blog. I was first drawn to Patrick's blog since he is a multisport athlete living and training in Huntington Beach, where I grew up. It's cool to read about him swimming, biking and running there, and I can picture so many of those places and grow teary-eyed and melancholy as  I bemoan my lost youth (well, not really, but I do envy him and his son Ian, because it is a great place to live and a better place to grow up).

Patrick and I have a lot of the same interests and experiences, which makes it even more interesting for me to see what he writes. We've both worked in the music industry, been in bands, climbed mountains, and now, train for triathlons (though he's clearly superior to me in all that entails).

Plus, he's an award-winning author/athlete. Just this past weekend, he won Dipshit of the Day Award at the Encinitas Triathlon! Even with that, you can tell he's just a hard-working, humble family man who has great triathlon gear and lives where the living is good.

If you're not following Patrick yet, hop over to his blog and start reading. As luck would have it, his post today is a follow-up to his current teeshirt giveaway, so get yours while the getting's good.

(Maybe Patrick will tell us what Sìoda TriSports means, either here in a comment or on his blog. Inquiring minds want to know!)


  1. Not everyone can get an award like that. Patrick must have done something special :)

  2. Sioda is Gaellic for "Silk", though I didn't know it at the time. All the other names I thought of didn't look too clean during the trademark search.

    I do like the way it rolls though..."show-da" I believe.

  3. And thanks for the shout out. It's awesome. And appreciated. And everything else...


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