Thursday, May 20, 2010

Camping + Triathlon

I'm getting kind of excited about my races this season, not just because I feel I'm ready (I am definitely not), but somehow, both races I signed up for have become camping trips as well. I've always enjoyed camping, but don't do enough of it, and now I'm enamored with triathlons, but don't do enough of it, so this combination promises a rare treat.

For the Bigfoot Triathlon in Lake Geneva, WI, the camping will take place at a state campground and some of the run (and bike?) route will actually pass through it. How cool is that?

For The Lake Carroll Triathlon, the camping will be in the lake association's private campground, close to, but not on (as far as I know) the race course.

Here's the only catch. While I'd love to bring my family along, the timing is tricky. Bigfoot, on June 27th, is approximately one month before the due date of our 4th (yippee!), while Lake Carroll, September 19th), is 2 months after the due date. Our older children are 7 and 9, which I feel is old enough to camp with me and then occupy themselves for the several hours it will take me to finish these Sprint triathlons. My wife is not so sure. So, it remains up in the air. I know I'm camping.

I know Wildflower in California is a camping triathlon. Anybody know any others out there? Could make for a cool circuit!


  1. How fun that they combine camping and triathlons! Its too bad you can't include your whole family, but baby #4 is a great reason :)

  2. Good luck! How exciting! I'm following from the PRP group! I have take the weight of tuesdays on my blog.

  3. Can't say I've ever camped out for any tri or run. Almost did for a trail run but it was way too cold that weekend for this Florida girl so I got a hotel room. It sounds like a lot of fun though.

  4. I am completely a room service type of athlete.

  5. This is my first time hearing about camping tri's. That sounds like so much fun.

  6. I have to agree with RST when it comes to racing. Camping and racing should be enjoyed separately, but that's just me.

    That siad we went camping last summer at a Nat'l Forest Campground (my first time not having to walk miles to get there, and also have toilets) and it was an amazing time.


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