Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike saddles - group review?

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So I was thinking it would be fun to find 5 other bloggers to do a bike saddle review. The way it would work is that we would each ride a saddle for 3 weeks, then send it on to the next person, who would ride it for 3 weeks, send it on, and so on, and so on. At the end of 6 months, we would have all ridden the 6 saddles and would review them on our blogs, linking to the other 6 blogs as well. This would (could?) be fun, would give us access to 5 new saddles to try, and would give us some links on other blogs.

Some of the organizational things I'm grappling with are whether to have it males only or also include females, have similar or dissimilar sized riders, restrict it to road bikes or allow tri bikes as well, when to do it (I'm thinking October - March, probably most people's off season), and whether anyone else actually likes this idea. I suppose I'll find out soon enough.

ISM Saddles have already said no to providing a saddle, but did offer a 20% discount if they were included in the review. Maybe someone already has one or maybe rent one for 6 months? Koobi and Cobb are hesitant, but are possibilities. I own a Profile Tri-Strike and a Bontrager Race Lux, so can offer those up. I've contacted Selle SMP as well, but am not holding my breath.

So what do you think? Interested? Comments? Ideas? Anything besides saddles we could do as a group?


  1. I use an ISM adamo racing saddle and absolutely love it. It took a couple of rides to get used to it but now I cannot believe I ever rode with out the ISM. The concept sounds pretty cool and I would enjoy reading the reviews. Unfortunately for me I have a races in Oct, Nov, & Mar so it would be tough to not use my ISM during the peak training times -- Use Texans have a much earlier season then most of the country because of the mild winters and brutally hot summers.

  2. I like your idea, but saddles are such an personal thing, my underside might not agree with yours.

    You would have to do seperate gender testing since the saddles are different between men and women.

    As for your email, I have a coach, my 18 weeks are all lined out, she is basically mapping my swim, run, weights, and core workouts and Team Roll is handling my bike.

  3. I hope this works out for you Kovas, sounds interesting but the logistics of it sounds complicated. I use a ladies specific saddle from SelleItalia and absolutely love it. Took a bit of time getting used to it but now but rear end likes it for a max of 90 minutes - working up in time :)

  4. Interesting idea! I bought a women's specific saddle for my road bike, but so far have left the seat on that came with my tri bike. Have a great weekend :)

  5. I have a Specialized Romin I can throw in the mix...


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