Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bigfoot Triathlon: Course Video

When I last went to the Bigfoot Triathlon website, they had added a cool new feature, a video of Zumtri's tracking capability of the Bigfoot course. With it, you can enter a bib number and follow an athlete during the swim, bike, and run portions of the race. It also looks like you can enter friends or competitors and watch a virtual race as well. Very neat!


  1. That is one cool web site to be able to track an athlete like that:) I have never seen anything like this before...thanks for sharing!

  2. Thats an awesome site Kovas. I wonder if they have anything like that here in Aus?

  3. Barb, I'm not aware of anything in Australia - new business for you maybe? I believe a similar tracking system was used for Ironman St George in Utah, but couldn't find it and am not sure if it was graphic as well.


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