Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hal Higdon’s “Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide”

Recently finished Hal Higdon’s Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide, and it’s a really enjoyable read. He has a somewhat dry sense of humor, which doesn’t hit you over the head, but does make the book more enjoyable. As with many great coaches, he deflects praise and directs it to his compatriots, who assisted him in writing the book by responding to surveys.

Higdon is a well-known running coach (and a runner himself) and his story can be found at his own website  and on Wikipedia. If you want to friend him, head over to http://www.facebook.com/halhigdon.

This is a great, basic book that can get you up and running, with some specifics if you so desire. I’ve always shied away from training plans in books or on websites, because there is NO way in this world that anyone else could possibly benefit from the same plan as me. Throw in vagaries such as weather, illness, injury, work, family, etc, etc, etc, and it’s basically impossible to use a cookie-cutter plan. Higdon (as a good coach and promoter) suggests hiring a coach, who can evaluate you before training, during training, and afterwards. Good suggestion, if you have the money. I prefer to look at as many suggested training plans as possible, mash them up, and then see how they fit into my life.

Read what Higdon himself posts about this book here.

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