Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dara Torres’ “Age is just a number: achieve your dreams at any stage in your life” (New York : Broadway Books, 2009)

Similar to Sarah Reinertsen (see my earlier review), Dara Torres seems to not be able to get across the importance of her team support. While a little better than Reinertsen about including them in her story, they appear as slightly fleshed out supporting characters, rather than the reason Torres was successful.

Don’t get me wrong, what Torres did is amazing and perhaps that’s why it’s so disappointing that there is less connection with the reader. Perhaps this is the fault of Elizabeth Weil, her co-author. Don’t know. In either case, Torres stays above it all, saying that she doesn’t want to be an inspiration for other middle-aged athletes, just an example. In this book, at least, she succeeds.

For all my grousing, this is still a worthwhile read, for the little peeks into professional swimming and how it feels to be part of that world from a very young age.

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