Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hackney's Printers' Row restaurant

For lunch today, to celebrate a colleague's birthday, we headed over to Hackney's Printers' Row restaurant (website here). Even before we went, they impressed me by accepting a reservation for our group, even though they normally don't do so. For an appetizer, we had their famous fried onion brick, which, while greasy and incredibly unhealthy, sure did taste good. I drank my Arnold Palmer and sampled their Inside-Out burger, which was stuffed with bacon and cheddar (did I mention we weren't trying to be healthy?), on a pretzel bun - cooked well-done, as I like it, the burger was very nearly perfect and, though I planned on saving half for my wife, I finished it along with most of their outstanding fries. This was a top-notch lunch and I highly recommend Hackney's if you get down that way.

Have you eaten at this restaurant? Leave a comment and let everyone know how you liked it.

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